Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday. Why am I posting today after such a break? Who knows? My random thoughts are about as random as my sporadic posts. This is the stuff that's weighing on my mind lately...
I am totally perplexed about my eyelashes. Some days, I wake up, get ready, put my make up on, and my lashes look full (ok "full" might be stretching it. "Slightly more voluminous" would be a tad more accurate). Then on other days, I need a magnifying glass to find the things. Each day, it's like a game...what kind of lashes will I have today? I use the same mascara every day. So weird.

I admire all the women out there that take the pain-staking time to fix their hair. Maybe you're one of those blow out your hair, bit by bit. You finish with silky straight hair and look like you just left a salon. Yeah, you. That's not me. I try. I really do...sometimes. Maybe once a week (ok, once a month), I take the 35 minutes (and massive arm workout) it takes to blow out my hair. I take tiny sections, blow, roll, blow again, roll, blow again... What. A. Job. And then don't even get me started on using a curling iron to create the beachy waves. As far as I'm concerned, it should be considered an Olympic event.

Through Facebook, I've learned that people really need and crave attention. I mean, really, what did people do before our world's favorite social networking site? I'm always surprised at the things people put out there. I've felt like I've invaded marriages, disputes between friends, and have seen more mundane tasks listed than I care to admit. "Just got up. Susie hit her sister. I had to do laundry. I ran 2 miles in an hour...yea, me! About to eat dinner and fold more laundry...". Guess what people? All of our kids are fighting, many of us are working out and folding laundry, and we all have our personal issues. Facebook isn't a diary. Oh, and one more thing...if my grandmother can walk a mile faster than you can run yours, you really probably should hit "private" on your Nike run app rather than "public" and sharing it with all your Facebook friends. :)

I love to match socks. There, I said it.

I may have mentioned this one in the past, but every time I go to the zoo, this baffles me. Anyone else that's been to the Birmingham Zoo think that it's cruel and unusual punishment for the lions to be stationed directly behind the giraffes? The lions have to be licking their chops every time the giraffes walk by, right? It would be like positioning me in a fence right behind a Blue Bell ice cream factory, while making me watch it being made, and denying me any of it. Harsh!

I don't let my kids say "dude". The word has bothered me since high school. Why? I really don't know, but it really bothers me. It's always especially bothered me when women say it. It's crazy, I know. I think it goes back to Wayne's World. It doesn't make me popular with Tristan, as "dude" is a major go to word these days. Along these lines, I'm also working hard to break him of saying "like" before every comment. That has taken over our country. It's an epidemic! "I like saw this lion, and it was like right behind the giraffes, and it like looked so hungry like...". Make it stop! Oh, and now would be a good time to admit that I, too, suffer from "like sydrome". Hi. My name is Annie, and I'm a Like-aholic.

I think it's awesome that there are so many great photographers out there now (a topic I'll touch on in a future TRT); however, one thing really makes me sad about all the fancy slrs and digital cameras in general... I MISS the BAD shots! Fancy cameras and gifted photogs have destroyed the "junk pic". I miss the cute pics of people squinched (just made that word up) and taking a pic of themselves and their friends...junk all in the background. I miss the messy morning pics of the kids with their eyes closed because they blinked. I miss the candids. Now, everything is so perfect and beautiful. Am I alone in this? And since everyone's a photographer now (literally), no one wants to be caught dead posting a pic with poor composition.

Gotta go, friends! The Facebook world needs to know that I'm about to load up my van, drive over to drop off my clothes for the consignment sale, then I'll probably stop by to see Channing, eat some lunch, pick up my littles from school, come home and clean, think about working out, go pick up Tristan, make dinner, head out to the baseball tournament...". :)

*As always, my random thoughts are said very tongue-in-cheek. I commit many of the crimes (and more) that I make fun of. This is just all said in fun. :)