Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Helloooooooo Thursday! Is it really Thursday already?! Seriously, the weeks are flying by! It must be because I have so much I need to get done before this baby gets here, and I feel like I can't catch up. Anywhoo...welcome back to another installment of my week's random thoughts. Here goes:Ok, it's totally unavoidable. I hate to even mention it, but I feel like I must...the swine flu. Yes, I know *groan*. I am SO over hearing about the swine flu. I can't watch or listen to anything (even sports radio, people!) without hearing about this "potential pandemic". People are stocking up on hand sanitizer and locking their families up in their homes. No one is leaving their homes. I'm beginning to wonder when people are going to start boarding up their windows. Our VP is trying to keep people from flying...anywhere! Is this mass-fear really necessary? Really?! I mean, I'm seriously wondering.

I've been reading Hershel Walker's book, "Breaking Free". It's really really interesting. Channing's dad has it, and when we were at the lake last weekend, I started reading it (you know I was desperate for reading material because I don't like to inflate their egos over Hershel Walker anymore than I have to ;)). He has a really interesting life story. That man worked incredibly hard to be the success that he was and is. He proves that hard work and determination help you acquire your goals. Sitting around and waiting for something good to happen is never a good plan. I must say, through reading his book, I have become a big fan. Don't tell my hubby and his family! ;)

Speaking of Georgia football, a couple of nights ago, guess who I saw on TMZ (yes, I occasionally turn it on before I go to sleep)? Matthew Stafford! How weird is that?! Seeing Matthew Stafford on TMZ is so strange. I mean, he was just playing UGA football, and now he's on TMZ?! That is going to take some getting used to. Oh, and for the record, they were kind of making fun of him. He and four other guys were trying to share a cab in NYC, and the cabbie refused to drive them anywhere. In other words, they were being cheap. Some of the TMZ staff got a big kick out of that because Matt just got a HUGE salary for signing with Detroit.

Ok, where have I been?! Do you guys realize what is back in style?! Have you any idea??? Let me give you a hint. Dylan McKay wore one back in the day: YES! These Mexican pullovers (I'm sorry. I can't remember what they're called). I'm NOT kidding. I saw them in Old Navy in the little boys section. I almost fell out in the floor. Really?! And I must admit, I kind of want my boys to have one. Am I crazy?! Will you make fun of me? Will my boys be hot (they're long-sleeved in the store)? Much to consider...

Ok, when did 5 year old t-ball become the major leagues?! I thought 4 year old t-ball got a little intense during playoffs. 5 year old is a whole new ballgame (pun intended). Parents and coaches go ballistic. It hasn't happened on our team, but during one of the other 5 year old games, a couple of coaches got quite rowdy and were apparently yelling in ref's faces and at others too. CRAZINESS! I mean, they're FIVE, PEOPLE! There are no major league scouts checking out our boys. Our boys don't get particularly upset if they get out. It's a game...a kid's game. This should be the time when they're learning to play lots of positions and learning about sportsmanship. We are fortunate that we have a great coach. He may not always agree with the ref's calls, but he is a great leader and example. He is respectful of the refs, kids, and parents. Channing and I appreciate him.

Last night, I was doing my normal ritual of flipping channels before I went to sleep, and guess what was on??? Give up? "The Birds". That's right, "The Birds". The old Alford Hitchcock movie. I think that movie the reason I am scared of birds today. I should have turned it off. It was SO late, but I couldn't. I had to watch. The movie is SO cheesy and unrealistic. I mean, did people really talk like that back then? The actors were so dramatic, and the movie makes no sense. How could it have scared me so much back in the day? The ending? They just drive off to the hospital. That's it. They have all these birds everywhere, and they just walk to the car and drive off. Definitely a classic.

Speaking of "The Birds", what animal, insect, reptile, etc. has not been used to make some cheesy scary movie? Let's make a list...there are movies with ants, spiders, snakes, bats, birds, bees, dogs...what am I missing here? What is left to be done? Kittens? Oh yeah. That would be a good one...killer kittens. I can see the previews now. :)

Thanks to those of you who gave me suggestions on books to read. I can't wait to get started! I want to finish the Hershel Walker book (I left it at the lake), and another friend let me borrow a book that I need to get started on. I'm eager to check out the other books, though. SO THANKS!

That's all I've got for today. What about you? Any random thoughts to share??? I know you've got them. Leave them for me. They make a big fat pregnant woman feel good. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Facebook Fridays

Welcome back to another edition of Facebook Fridays. For a complete explanation, click on this previous post.

This week's notable Facebook status update:

So WHAT if the baby is 7 months old? Maternity pants just feel awesome.

This week I have two. Here is the second:

...watched his kids go depression era on a rotisserie chicken. They said I was going to throw away the best part as they gnawed on bones and chewed on meaty skin.

One of these updates is chosen by the same person as a previous post. He just consistently makes funny updates. Funny thing is, before I started Facebook Fridays, I got all these pointless updates that drove me crazy. I couldn't wait to share them. Now, they've stopped. I think it's probably because I filtered my updates. I may have to unfilter some, if I can stand it. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday! If you've been by before, you already know the drill. I'm going to share some of the random things that have popped into my head this week. There is no rhyme or reason to my thoughts. They just are what they are. So, here goes:Do you ever look back at old pictures of yourself and wonder what happened to a particular outfit you had on? I do it all the time. Seriously, what happened to some of my clothes? I don't remember getting rid of them, yet they're gone, totally vanished. I know some stuff goes out of style, and I get rid of it, but some stuff is totally neutral...and gone. A total mystery.

In college, I once lived with three girls I didn't know very well, and I would have stuff go missing all the time. Not only would brand new, never-worn clothes go missing, but other random stuff like brand new towels my grandmother gave me, jewelry, shoes...SO weird! Who does that? Who just takes someone's stuff...someone they live with...and NEVER gives it back? The towels really floored me. I mean, towels?! Seriously?! Yeah, we lived together one year. That's all I (and my finances) could take. It was a rough year!

Does anyone else feel a bit sorry for Miss California? I feel terrible for her. She was asked a question, answered it honestly and from her heart (with no offense intended, or so it seemed), and has been treated like some kind of leper. It's CRAZY! I am so tired of Hollywood. I really am. Their politics, crazy ideas, and hypocrisy are more than I can handle. They would have Miss California banished from America for stating that she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, but when President Obama says it, it's totally ok. I mean, he is PRESIDENT Obama...the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth, the man who can do no wrong. Does anyone else see the irony here???

Ok, so this just really happened. I'm sitting at the office, clearly not working because I'm typing up my random thoughts, when I hear one of the doors to our office (we have two, side by side. One stays locked and the other unlocked) rattle, obviously the locked one because it didn't open. So I wait a minute for the other to open. It never does. I stand up and look over my desk, and there's a very confused looking woman standing outside the door trying to read our hours. The lady NEVER TRIES TO OPEN THE OTHER DOOR. To make matters worse, she's a new patient, who I just got off the phone with...literally two minutes ago! Seriously?! I mean, come on. How many businesses have you been to where one door stays locked and one open? I had to wave the woman in, with much coaxing. I'm sorry, but my patience level for this kind of thing isn't very high this morning.

Hylands All Natural Teething Tablets totally rock! I've been a big fan all of Asher's life (I didn't have much luck with them with Tristan). They have always proved successful with my sweet Ash. Let me back up. Two nights ago, I wake up at 2:30 am to Asher's loud cries (this was very traumatic because it was literally the first night I had slept past 1 am in FOREVER. Why?! Why was he crying?! He is such a great sleeper!!!). I woke up Channing because I was worried, and with my ginormous stomach, it takes me a good minute and half to get up, out of bed, and going. He went up to check on him. After 5-10 minutes, he came back downstairs and said that Asher had been tugging on one of his ears. A few minutes later, the cries started again. This time, I went upstairs. What I found was SO sad. It was clear that he was in pain. He was tossing and turning and kept grabbing his right ear. I was SO upset. I immediately assumed he had an ear infection and was incredibly upset about it. I mean, my boys have NEVER had ear infections EVER. How could he possibly have one?! He's been adjusted since the day he was born. I had just given two friends advice about getting their babies with ear infections adjusted, and now my baby had an ear infection?! How could this be??? Really, I was upset and so worried about him. After a very long night, and more worrying the next morning, it hit me. Could he possibly be teething? The symptoms were there...runny nose, awful diapers, the ear tugging. I checked inside his mouth, and sure enough, the poor baby is getting his two year molars! Poor baby! He was in so much pain because of his new gigantic teeth. Last night, I made sure to stock up on Hyland's Teething Tablets, and we had a much better night. He took them before bedtime and had no problem sleeping. Praise the Lord!

Smoking really bothers me...a lot. I don't know why it bothers me so much. It's a personal decision that people have to make for themselves and their own health, but it really bothers me to see people smoking. Whenever I see someone with a tiny window crack in their car windows while driving down the road smoking, I just get agitated. Don't they know what they're doing to themselves?! And then the people who smoke on their kids...that totally gets under my skin. Or how about the people who smoke at gas tanks?! Ok, I'm making myself upset just typing about it. I'll stop now.

Rachel G, if you're reading this and HAVE NOT watched American Idol, skip this comment...consider this your warning. :) La la la la la la la la la la la la (this is me giving you some room between your warning and my spoiler)... So Anoop and Lil got voted off last night. No surprises there. I mean, both had great voices but didn't really stand out. I mean, I look at things this way when I judge AI (because I have SO much expertise ;))...would anyone actually buy this person's album? Would you actually buy Anoop's album? Or how about Danny Gokey? He has a great voice and seems like such a likable person. He reminds me a lot of Taylor Hicks. But like Taylor Hicks, I have to wonder, would anyone actually buy his album? If I'm being totally honest, I would have to admit that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy it. Right now, I think Kris, Allison, and Adam have the greatest potential to make it in the industry. Of course, Kris is my fav. :)

I have approximately six weeks left in this pregnancy (give or take). It seems like an eternity, yet it also seems like it's right around the corner. As far as comfort goes, I am ready for that little girl to be on the outside. She's a bit heavy these days in my belly, and finding comfortable clothes that fit is becoming quite the challenge. I don't want to buy anything new because I'm so close to delivering, but nothing fits. A true dilemma. I'm also in the stage where it takes an act of congress to roll over in bed at night. However, I am nervous about her arrival. I'm nervous about having three little ones to take care of. How will I manage? Will I? Will I be sane? Don't get me wrong, I am SO excited to meet Rhiannon, I'm just nervous about what the future holds.

It's spring!!! Finally, warm weather!!! I am so excited about the warm weather that the next few days is promising to provide. YEA for sunny skies and warm temps!!!

I am addicted to ice, and it's a problem, a major problem. I can't stop chomping it, and it's a terrible, horrible problem. It is awful for my teeth, and I know it, but I can't seem to stop. This has just become a major problem during this pregnancy. It's gotten so bad the past week that my teeth are sore, really sore. My dentist is going to love me next time I go in.

I got the sweet facebook message from a girl I know from church the other day. She went on and on about how great I look for someone who is days away from giving birth. Yeah, I had to go on and let her know I still had seven weeks. Kind of takes that big compliment away. It was a sweet gesture, though.

That's all I've got for this week. How about you? Any random thoughts to share? I know you've got them. Don't hoard them. Share the love!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Is There Anything Sweeter?

On night two or three (I can't believe I forget which one) of Asher sleeping in his new room with his big brother, I went in to check on him, and this is what I found. Thing is, Asher doesn't sleep with anyone...seriously, I've tried sleeping with him several times, he won't. At some point, he crawled up in bed with his big brother, who he dearly loves, and fell asleep snugging him.
My heart totally melted. There is nothing sweeter.

Thank you, God, for my sweet boys. Thank you that, although they have their moments, they really do love each other. I am so blessed!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Baby Asher

I can't believe it. My sweet sweet baby is officially two years old. Yesterday was his birthday, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean, how could it be possible that my baby, my little baby, is two years old?!

We had a great day. It was super busy, but he seemed to enjoy himself, and that's what mattered most. We started the day early (as has been every day since he started sleeping in his new big boy bed). Since he was up so early, I decided to make pancakes (his favorite breakfast). My family, who was in town for Asher's birthday, was pretty impressed with me making breakfast. It's a rare occurrence. I'm more of a cereal person. ;)

Anyway, after breakfast, we were in a rush to get ready for church. Once at church, Asher was moved to a new Sunday school class. This was quite the big deal. He would no longer be hanging out in the walker room. He was/is a big boy. He got moved up to the two year old room. He was a little shy at first, but by the time we picked him up, it was clear that he had enjoyed himself, especially when he got to get a bag and sucker just like his big brother. :)

After church, we had a Mickey Mouse-themed family party for him (he LOVES MM). Of course, Channing, Tristan, and I were there, but also my parents and sister and Channing's parents were there to celebrate with him. Asher loves his Aunt Tay!
And his "popcorn" aka corn on the cob.Although he was a little tired during his party, he loved all the Mickey Mouse stuff and even blew out his candle. :) (On a side note, apparently the people at the Publix bakery assumed Asher was a girl...notice all the hot pink on his cake? Oh well, it tasted good. Thanks to copyright laws, it's hard to find a cute Mickey Mouse cake that actually tastes good.)A little comparison. Last year's cake-eating picture:And this year's picture. Oh, my baby is growing up!!! {sniff}Once he could convince us all to finish eating (he was in a hurry), we headed outside to do some of his favorite things...ride his bicycle and play t-ball. We had a jumping bean up, but he was totally disinterested.Asher riding his new car from MiMi and PaPa.
Our little family with Channing's parents (I know, I'm HUGE. In my defense, I was wearing my loosest and most comfy clothes. Doesn't help much. :)).Us with my parents and sister:Asher loved his new Mickey Mouse car from Nana, PaPa, and Aunt Tay!
After our families left, we took the boys to Target and let them both use money they'd gotten on their birthdays to pick out some things. Tristan picked "Bolt" and Asher picked out a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. They both picked out toys as well.

From there, we had a small family birthday dinner at Burger King (definitely not a regular occurence. They just happened to have a good playground and Chick-fil-A was closed).
All in all, Sunday was a bittersweet day of many blessings. Asher had a blast on his birthday, and Channing and I had a blast watching him.

My sweet Asher, you are such a blessing. Your name came from Genesis 30:13, and I can totally relate to how Leah felt when she saw her Asher for the first time. Leah named him Asher, for she said, "What joy is mine! The other women will think me blessed indeed." I am SO blessed! You are exactly what your name means, happy and blessed. Not only are you happy and blessed, but your daddy and I are both happy and blessed to be your parents.
Watching you, playing with you, cuddling you, teaching you has been such a joy. I can't tell you the joy I feel whenever you run, walk, talk. You are at such a fun stage, and if I could freeze time, I would. I don't want you to grow up.
I am so amazed and proud to see all that you can do already. Hearing your sweet "Yes ma'ams" when you hear me call your name, your un-prompted "thank-you's" and "bless you's" tug at my heart every time I hear them. Watching you and Tristan together and how much you look up to him just melts my heart. You literally copy everything he does. You love him, and I thank God that you two are so close. What a blessing!
Asher, I pray this next year is a special one for you. I pray that God will bless you and give you favor as you become a big brother yourself, as you grow and learn new things, as you continue to discover your place in this world. I pray that God will work through your daddy and me as we strive to raise you to become a leader in a world that would love nothing more than for you to follow. I wish I could put into words how much I love you and want for you. Just know that you are such an incredible blessing. I could spend days staring at you and never get tired. I LOVE YOU!

My friend, Laura, sent this to me this morning, and it's so special, I have to post it:

Hey! I was reading Duet 33 in my devotion this morning and read about the Tribe of Asher...

24The LORD's greatest blessing is for you, tribe of Asher. You will be the favorite of all the other tribes. You will be rich with olive oil 25and have strong town gates with bronze and iron bolts. Your people will be powerful for as long as they live.

I thought of your "Asher" and what blessings will come his way. What a great heritage he has... just in his name!

What makes this email from her even more special is that she had no idea that yesterday was Asher's birthday. Thank you, God, for speaking to us through Laura. YOU are always showing your hand in everything. Thank you that you care even more about Asher than Channing and I do. Thank you, Laura for sharing what God showed you!

I love you, my sweet Asher! Happy happy birthday!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook Fridays

If you're new to my Friday posts and are wondering what "Facebook Fridays" is, check out this post.

This week's Facebook Friday Update:

I don't care what kind of cheese people like to eat while watching The Bachelor! How do I turn these quizzes off!?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Good day! It's Thursday again, which means it's time again for my random thoughts. Sooooo here goes:
Ashton Kutcher is trying to get a million followers on Twitter. He has committed to ding-dong ditching (or whatever it's called) Ted Turner's house in Atlanta if he gets more followers than CNN. What?! Ok, first off, Ted Turner doesn't really have much to do with CNN. Secondly, he's hardly ever in Atlanta anymore. Thirdly, seriously?! Ashton, is it really that important to have Twitter followers? I'm sorry, but Twitter just plain gets on my nerves. There, I said it. I know it doesn't make me popular. It's all the craze these days. It just seems kind of self-absorbed, especially when you're on some quest to get a million people to read that you just went to the bathroom, just filed your nails, and are on your way to the drug store. Who cares? I have a hard enough time keeping up with what my family and I are trying to accomplish without following every move Ashton Kutcher makes. That's probably just me, though. :) (Sorry to my Twitter friends. I'm sure I just don't get it. :):):):))

I've seen the reports on Dateline and 20/20, and today I saw it in the paper. They're making a massive comeback. A comeback so huge, there is a summit that is going to go down to discuss how to handle the problem. Curious? BEDBUGS, people!!! Bedbugs are making a HUGE comeback. They're in motels, hotels (even the posh), beds and couches near you. I don't know about you, but that kind of freaks me out a bit. I mean, I love a nice stay at a hotel. I don't want to be worried about blood-sucking bed bugs while I'm trying to enjoy my nice stay away from home. I hope this special summit figures out an answer to this dilemma.

What do you think of American Idol and their four judges? Specifically, I am referring to the four judge system. I don't like it. I much prefer three judges. Four takes WAY too much time, and what they did this week was so disappointing. They only let two judges talk. Listen, I want to know what Simon thinks every time, not every other time. AI, the new judge, Kara, right?, seems really nice and all, but I think three is the charm. Go back to what works.

Speaking of American Idol, Jennifer Hudson sounded amazing last night. She is so beautiful and has such a beautiful voice. However, I think she may need a new stylist. That was quite the interesting outfit she had on last night. Was she wearing leather tights under a dress? I couldn't quite figure it out. And
please tell me someone noticed Randy Jackson's necklace and bracelets. PLEASE! Where in the world did he find his jewelry?! That is the stuff we used to wear back in middle school, I think. I haven't seen that kind of beaded stuff in YEARS! I used to rock that jewelry back in the day and was just wondering if I should be on the lookout for it. Miley Cyrus...I don't get her voice. I have a feeling that if she were in the competition, last night would have been her swan song. I know, this must sound terrible, but I just think her voice is very average. Her success has gotta be totally based on being Hannah Montana and not a spectacular voice. Right? I mean, am I the only one who thinks this? She sure looked pretty last night, though. Well, until she started head-banging in her evening gown. Ok, even Channing laughed at her stage antics.

One last thing about AI, I am SO thrilled that they saved Matt G. I really like him. He seems to have such a kind heart. Good choice, judges!!!

Why do cranberry sauce cans open upside down? Does anyone know the reason for this? Makes no sense to me, but surely they have a reason. I would love to know what it is.

Publix and Chick-fil-A...two of my very favorite places. They both have stellar customer service. My favorite tag line from CFA, "It's my pleasure." LOVE it! I know I bring these two establishments up frequently, but I really love them...I really do.

So the countdown is on, and I am preparing for baby Rhiannon's arrival in June. One thing I've discovered during this pregnancy is that there is SO MUCH NEW STUFF to get. It's amazing. I just had a baby two years ago, yet there are so many new must haves out there. The "new to me" items I've got on my list or have purchased: Peanut Shell baby sling...CHECK! Bebe Au Lait nursing cover...CHECK! Miracle Blanket...CHECK! Milkies milk saver...on the list. Belly Bandit...on the list. Infant car seat...on the list (of course, we had one of those, but we need to get a new one). Bouncy seat...on the list (we have two, but both are worn out from much use. We plan to get a new girly one...that works. My boys LOVED their bouncy seats, so we can't do without that.) What am I missing? Do you know some new must-have that I've neglected? I have to have my bases covered, you know.

How bad will this economy get? I've had friends lose their jobs, patients too. The world is in such a financial mess. Then all the spending. What is with all the spending?! Lord, have mercy on us. I trust in You.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again..."Lost" is SO great this season! I am lovin' each and every episode. What will I do when it actually comes to an end? It is the one show I have to watch.

I have a great husband who I am super thankful for. The past several months, I've been extra thankful for him. Can I tell is FANTASTIC to have a live-in chiropractor when you're pregnant?! Seriously. I mean, aside from the fact that chiropractic is so great for my immune system and for Rhiannon's growth and development, it really comes in handy with the shifting bones and aches and pains that come with a growing (in my case HUGE growing) belly. I honestly don't know how anyone makes it through pregnancy without a good chiropractor. I am so thankful for mine. He's the best...even if he is my hubby.

My baby, my sweet sweet Asher, is turning two on Sunday. How is that possible?! It seems like he was just born. I just wish I could freeze time. He is growing much too quickly. He is at such a fun age, and every day brings new surprises from him. I sure do love that little man!

Ok, folks. That's all I've got this week. How about you? Any random thoughts to share? If so, don't be shy. Leave them in the comments section. I know I'm not the only one who would love to read them. :)

I Can't Believe It!

Asher has, yet again, proven himself to have impeccable timing. I don't know what it is about him, but he just knows when he needs to give something up. The first major time I can think of him doing this was with nursing. You see, Tristan nursed forever. Really, he did. He nursed for 20 months (I know, it's a long time, but I'm pretty granola. It's healthy, y'all! I cut him off at 20 months, though. I'm granola, but not that granola). Asher cut himself off right before he turned 15 months. He was just over it. He didn't need it anymore.
Well, turns out he was demonstrating his impeccable timing. Reason being, we found out shortly thereafter that we were expecting baby #3. He gave it up at the perfect time!

His latest thing to give up appears to be his crib...again, in impeccable timing! You see, we've been planning on Asher and Tristan sharing a room for a few years. Tristan has the perfect bed to share, a twin over full bunk bed with a trundle, and has been dying to share a room with his little brother. Channing and I have been wanting (needing) to move Asher up but didn't feel like he was ready yet. I was trying to give him at least to his second birthday (this Sunday) but knew it needed to happen soon. Rhiannon is due in eight weeks. We need his room and his crib.

I have worried over this move for many reasons. #1. The boys are upstairs. It made me a little nervous knowing that Asher could get out of bed and head downstairs in the middle of the night. #2. Asher loves his crib. He really does. He eagerly jumps into bed at night. #3. Asher and Tristan have very different sleeping habits. Asher has a tiny night light in his room, while Tristan has a bright one. Asher only likes to sleep alone, and Tristan likes to sleep with whoever is willing. Asher sleeps with the door closed, Tristan open. So different. #4. He's just a baby. He should be in his crib.

Well last night, Asher had different plans. He had a fit to sleep in Tristan's room. So after some discussion, we decided to let him try it (This was our second attempt. He pulled this a couple of nights ago, and he and Tristan both tried to sleep on the trundle {aka: the special bed}. It didn't work out because Asher refused to fall asleep. Seriously, people, the kid doesn't like to sleep in bed w/anyone else). So last night, we made sure Tristan slept on the double, and Asher slept on the trundle. This was the final result:
This child seems set on making my life with baby #3 easier. Thanks, sweet Asher!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where Does One Find the Time?

So for the past few months, I have been a terrible blogger. I just haven't the time to keep up with it. I mean, where does one with two kids, one on the way, and a job find the time? If you figure it out, let me know. I mean, I have tons of pictures that I want to upload and share. We've done lots of fun things I want to document, I just haven't had the time to do it. Hopefully I'll catch up soon because I don't scrapbook. The whole point of my blog was to document my kids' lives. Oh well. Soon, I'll catch up soon.

In other news, I went to the doc today and found out that Rhiannon is exactly the same size (ok, maybe she's not...who knows...but my belly is) as Asher was at this point. I had my doctor check and compare, and he said that I am measuring exactly the same. He said Tristan measured one cm smaller at this point. SOOOOO...looks like she's going to be a big baby. I'm hoping she won't be late. Asher was nine pounds at eight days late. If Rhiannon is right on time, maybe she'll be more in Tristan's range (8 lb 10 oz). That sounds GREAT to me! I'm just hoping she's not 10 pounds or more. That makes natural childbirth sound incredibly unappealing. ;)

I hope to post some pictures of my sweet family this week. I have pictures from Tristan's party, pictures of our new sweet "family" addition, Ansley Mitchell. She was born last week to our close friends, Jon and Karen. I have pictures from Tristan's t-ball games, pictures from Easter. I have lots to do, but who knows if I'll ever do it. In the meantime, I hope you have a fantastic day!!! Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Facebook Fridays

Welcome to week two of my new series, "Facebook Fridays".

A little explanation for you if you're new to my FF: Every day as I'm scrolling through Facebook updates, I see all kinds of things. I see hilarious updates, silly updates, pointless updates, annoying updates, gross updates, educational updates. I see people who update their statuses every five minutes (no joke, people). It's just funny. I mean, some people post things on their status updates that I feel sure no one wants to see. Then others post things that crack me up.

The object of "Facebook Fridays" is to highlight some of these updates I see. Each week, I will evaluate the previous seven days of updates, choose one, and share it with you. I will pick one that stands out. It may stand out because it's funny, pointless, annoying, gross, or educational. You will have to figure out which one it is. I won't share why I have chosen the update I have chosen, I will simply give you a Facebook update for the week. Also, I will not share who made the update. I want to protect my friends' privacy, of course. :)

This week's status update:

I wonder what the people at Comfort Suites are thinking about the guy who walked through the breakfast line, knocking over all of the hot food, utensils and plates with his bags before facing them and saying "I may as well go to the office now, there's nothing to eat here!" I wish I hadn't done that. It was my uncool moment for the day.

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Is it Thursday already?! It's been a quick week. Since it is, indeed, Thursday, it's time for me to share some of the strange things that have crossed my mind this week. There is no rhyme or reason to these thoughts. They just are what they are. Here goes:First off, today is a big day for a few of my friends and loved ones. Today, my super sweet friends, Jon and Karen are having their first baby, sweet Ansley. I am dying to hear that she's here but am trying to wait patiently. I am SO excited for them.

Today is also Tristan's friend, Josiah's fifth birthday. Happy birthday, Josiah! AND Josiah's parents, Rachael and Edward, are finding out today if Josiah will have a little brother or a little sister. I can't wait to hear the news! I think it's a boy but am thrilled either way. SO exciting!

Is it just me or are the new Winn Dixie buggies fabulous?! I am a self-professed Publix snob but do do some shopping at Winn Dixie. It's just so convenient to walk down from work. Anyway, Winn Dixie is giving Publix a run for their money when it comes to grocery transportation. They have three new styles. One is the basic buggy. Another is a small buggy with two basket shelves. SUPER cool! The third is their awesome car buggy. Yes, Publix has a car buggy, but it doesn't compare to Winn Dixie's. Why? Well, I dread pushing the Publix car buggy because it's like pushing a bus. It is HUGE and hard to steer. The WD buggy has two baskets, so it's not long and tough to push or steer. It's da bomb! It's worth the trip to WD just to use their new buggies. Oh, and for all you UGA fans out there, the buggies are red and black; and added bonus for you.

Am I the only one who is tired of hearing about the Octumom? I'm over it.

Ok, so last week I talked about the NKOTB comeback. Well guess who I saw on some random night talk show this week??? Give up? VANILLA ICE! Yes, Vanilla Ice. And guess what he performed on the show? Yep, "Ice Ice Baby". What in the world?! Who's going to be next? Color Me Badd?

A couple of weeks ago at church, I was walking to the nursery and noticed that the girl in front of me was wearing cowboy boots with her dress. The funny thing was, she was walking exactly like someone who had ridden on a horse for 24 hours. She had the whole hobble, bow-legged waddle thing going. As I passed her, I noticed she was pregnant. It was quite the site. I mean, the waddle, the cowboy boots, the was all just a little too much. It brought a smile to my face. :) I think if you're so pregnant that you can't walk without a waddle, you may want to leave the cowboy boots at home. Just a thought.

Who are these people who call or email in to celeb news shows? You know the ones, right? The ones like the guy I heard as I was flipping through the channels last night. This guy emailed or called (can't remember which...I was flipping pretty quickly and was tired) and was going on and on about how Madonna has good intentions for this kid she's trying to adopt from Africa, and what a great person Madonna is, and blah blah blah. I mean, how does this guy know this about Madonna?! When did he become such good friends with her that he can offer that kind of conviction? I think people get WAY too involved in the personal lives of celebrities. I mean, when you start believing you know all about their personalities and convictions, you've gone too far.

Ok, so I saw this on an infomercial this week and thought it was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Have you seen the Tony Little Cheeks Exercise Sandals? If not, you are missing out. Not only does this sandal look like something your grandmother would wear (awesomeness! who doesn't want to look like their grandma?!), but it also helps exercise and train your calves while improving your overall fitness. It comes with a vinyl drawstring pouch, AND if you order within the next 15 minutes, you get a FREE TOE RING AND VIP CARD! What?! A free TOE RING?! Really?! Where's my phone?! Where's my phone?! Hurry! Hurry! Seriously, check these sandals out. These are a must have for my post-pregnancy weight-loss routine. ;)

This Sunday, we will celebrate the greatest event to have ever taken place. We will celebrate the resurrection of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that this weekend, you will reflect on what Jesus did on the cross for you and those you love. I pray that you will have a special encounter with Him this weekend. God bless!

That's all I've got for this week, folks. What about you? What random thoughts would you like to share?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Facebook Fridays

Welcome to my first ever edition of "Facebook Fridays". This is something new I am going to try for a little while. Here's the deal:

Every day as I'm scrolling through Facebook updates, I see all kinds of things. I see hilarious updates, silly updates, pointless updates, annoying updates, gross updates, educational updates. I see people who update their statuses every five minutes (no joke, people). It's just funny. I mean, some people post things on their status updates that I feel sure no one wants to see. Then others post things that crack me up.

The object of "Facebook Fridays" is to highlight some of these updates I see. Each week, I will evaluate the previous seven days of updates, choose one, and share it with you. I will pick one that stands out. It may stand out because it's funny, pointless, annoying, gross, or educational. You will have to figure out which one it is. I won't share why I have chosen the update I have chosen, I will simply give you a Facebook update for the week. Also, I will not share who made the update. I want to protect my friends' privacy, of course. :)

Here is this week's update (in all honesty, it was taken from a couple of weeks ago. I just had to share):

People should not sit naked and read the paper in the gym locker room.

Have you come across a unique FB update this week? If so, PLEASE share! It would make my day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Good day! Welcome to this week's addition of my random thoughts, just completely strange and random things that have popped into my head this week.Here goes:

Ok, so you remember how I posted about the adult woman wearing a NKOTB (that's New Kids on the Block for those of you who are totally out of the loop) t-shirt at Disney World, right? Well, this week when I was driving to pick up Tristan from school, guess what I heard on the radio?! "Oh oh oh oh oh...oh oh oh oh...oh oh oh oh oh...the right stuff!" Yep, on the RADIO, people! Then guess what I saw on a tv commercial?! Tickets are currently on sale for a concert taking place in my city at the end of May! Is that crazy or what?! It's the NKOTB...the first concert I ever went the fifth grade. 19 years later, this group still refers to themselves as "new kids". WHOA! I'm sorry, but all of this just seems weird. So I ask you, would YOU go see the NKOTB? Be honest...

So I went to my doctor's visit yesterday, and he told me he had "good news and bad news". He asked which I wanted to hear first. I told him I didn't really care...just whatever. So he gave me the "bad news" first. The "bad news" is that we have a really big baby growing in my tummy. Oh really, doc?! I had no idea! I mean, NO ONE EVER tells me how big my belly is, so there is NO way I ever would have figured that out. ;) Yeah, so I answer him with something similar to that, but more along the lines of, "Yeah, I know. People tell me how big my belly is all the time." At which point, he goes on and on about the horrible things that women say to other women and the root of their hurtful words. I never did get the good news. Oh well.

Guess how much weight I've gained? 10 pounds? Nope. 15, 20? Not even close. I have gained a whopping 33 pounds since becoming pregnant. And guess what? I still have 9 1/2 weeks until my due date. Forget that I've been working out and laying off the ice cream (most of the time). Forget that I ate LARGE frosties at least five times a week when I was pregnant with Asher. I am just destined to gain lots of weight when pregnant. Oh what a joy!

One more thing to point out from my doc visit... My doc took a look at Asher and immediately told Channing, "He looks like your brother." Yep, folks. My first child looks exactly like his daddy, and his brother, my little baby, looks like his uncle. What is up with that?! I carry these BIG babies for nine months, I birth them (Tristan, sans drugs), and they look absolutely nothing like me. Oh, the irony.

Everyone keeps complaining about the new Facebook. I mean, people really despise it. I actually like it. I don't see what the big deal is. One thing I really like about it is that I can control the amount of updates I get from people. I mean seriously...some people's day seems to revolve around updating their facebook status. I don't get it. For those people, I have simply lowered the amount of info I get from them. There may be people out there who need to know that their facebook friends are eating a slice of lemon, going to the bathroom, or paying a bill, but I'm not one of those. I like facebook updates, I just don't need a play by play of EVERY thing going on in my friends' lives.

Speaking of facebook updates, be on the lookout for a new Friday blog idea I'm about to get started on. It's going to be called "Facebook Fridays". On Fridays, I am going to take my favorite facebook update (that could come from any one of my facebook friends) from the previous seven days and post it on my blog. It may be singled out because it's really funny, because it's really clever, because it's totally pointless, it's totally random, or because it's info that no one wants to know. In any case, be on the lookout for my new Facebook Fridays. It will be up to you to decide why I chose it. I won't share why it was chosen. :)

Is it just me, or is all this basketball coach swapping and hiring crazy business? I mean, how much are they going to pay these guys?! $3 million to coach basketball?! Seriously?!!! I just don't get it. We're in a recession here, people, and basketball coaches are getting offers for $3 mil? That just blows my mind.

After church on Sunday, Channing, Asher, and I were witness to a very new (to us) and unique evangelizing tool that some are using in our area. Let me set up the scene for you: So we went to Taco Bell to pick up lunch (yeah, we're always complete health nuts ;)). We were waiting in the drive thru (in a long line, might I add), when all of a sudden, we hear tires squealing and a white mini van roaring into a parking space (Ok, the fact that it was a mini-van made it extra hilarious). We both kind of laughed, and I remarked that this woman must really need her soft taco. Next thing we know, out jumps a woman, IN HER CHURCH clothes, and her approximately nine year old daughter, ALSO IN HER CHURCH clothes. The woman starts cussing (F bombs, b bombs) and doing really unkind hand gestures to the mini van behind us. I mean, this went on all the way across the parking lot until the woman entered the restaurant. It was CRAZY! Apparently, the woman in line behind us had inadvertantly cut in front of the "evangelizing Christian", and that really brought out the fire in our fine church lady. So that makes me wonder what her pastor preached in church that morning? Hmmm... I was just glad Tristan wasn't with us to witness this new and unique evangelizing technique. I don't know if he's quite ready for that yet.

Ok, so you know how I can get easily distracted, right? Well at church last Sunday, I was distracted again (I know, I know. I'm not proud of it). Thing is, there was this couple two rows up, and the wife was holding her baby and had her arm around her husband's back. Her hand fell right on his hiney, and as he would sway to the music, her hand would rub back and forth across his hiney. Ok, admit it! THAT is distracting. You know it is. I cannot be the only person who would be distracted by a woman rubbing her hubby's hiney during worship at church. Right???

Okey dokey. That's all I've got for this week. If you have any crazy random thoughts, please share. They make my day!