Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

The day has almost gotten away from me. It's now 9:00 p.m., and I'm just now finding a brief second to post my random thoughts from the week. Being a fledgling mom to three kiddos, I'm still trying to get the hang of things around here. I have many random thoughts that I should probably keep to myself, so I will. :) When you get little sleep, have a newborn and a two year old (my five year old is pretty easy most of the time), you would be mortified if people could read all your thoughts. That's the way I feel anyway. :)
As for the thoughts I'm willing to share, here goes:The title of my blog page is "Me and My Three Boys". I do realize that I am also a mom to a little girl, I just haven't found the time to redo the page yet. It WILL day.

I was watching E earlier this evening (well, I wasn't actually watching it, but it was on. I was too busy rushing around getting Tristan ready for swim lessons), and they were advertising for "The Daily 10". One of the stories they highlighted was "Kate finally speaks". By Kate, of course you know it's Kate Gosselin. Um, ok, Kate. Seriously, does this woman need publicity so bad that she has to constantly speak out? You know, a friend said on Facebook this week (or last week. My time all runs together right now) that Jon and Kate were probably glad that the Michael Jackson stuff was taking attention away from them (her comment was stated more eloquently). I the time. Now I realize Kate has probably been missing the media attention and feels the need to speak out so that she can gain some of it back. I mean, maybe that's not what's going on, but that sure is what it looks like. I think those two (Jon and Kate) need to go into hiding, fix their marriage, and stop giving the public access into every tiny bit of their lives, if not for themselves, for their precious children.

Last night, I was flipping channels in bed while I was nursing Rhiannon, and I saw that "There's Something About Mary" was on. It was right on the part where he comes out of the bathroom with "hair gel" on his ear. I watched that whole scene play out and was so disgusted. Back in the day, I thought it was HILARIOUS. Last night, it wasn't quite as funny. All I could think was...GROSS! Am I now a prude? I guess so.

Kool-aid purses. Only in Alabama, right? I mean, why in the world would anyone want a Kool-aid purse? I don't know, but I see them at every craft show I go to. There's always a booth that makes Kool-aid purses. I have even seen ADULT WOMEN carrying them. I'm not joking. One day, I would love to buy one for a friend and give it as a gift. Of course, I could never let them know it was a joke. I would have to make sure they knew how "proud" I was of my purchase and that I couldn't wait to see them carrying it. Great idea, Annie! This is a MUST DO!

Have you seen the Neckline Slimmer? I saw it on an infomercial last night (Yes, I realize it seems like I watch a lot of t.v, but when your husband is sleeping, it's the middle of the night, and you're nursing a hungry newborn, what else is there to do? I know, I know...shouldn't have a tv in the bedroom. Well, we do...and we still have three kids, so go figure.) Anyway, back to the Neckline Slimmer. This is some kind of invention that gets rid of (what I heard a lady call) the turkey neck, the hangy down skin on your neck. Ok, yeah sure. That works. Sure. What's even funnier is that it comes with a Neckline training DVD. It's hilarious because there's a woman standing right in front of her tv with her Neckline Slimmer, and it looks like she's doing an aerobics video. It's hilarious. If you haven't seen it, you have got to check it out.

Yesterday on Wife Swap (I know, I know. Really, I don't watch as much tv as it sounds like), the two couples were sitting at the table discussing their swaps, and one of the moms turned to her husband (talking about the other couple's kids) and said, "They was wearin' jeans like swiss cheese...holes all in 'em!" Ok, I about lost it! HILARIOUS!!! I have never heard that before, and it totally cracked me up!

I would love to have a celebrity personal trainer. I mean, we all see how quickly those celebs get back into shape after having babies (c-tucks aside). I want one of their personal trainers. I DO NOT want a trainer who looks out of shape (seems like we have some of those at our gym). I would have a hard time paying for a personal trainer who doesn't seem to be in shape. If he/she can't get himself/herself into shape, how can I trust them to know enough to get me in shape?

So none of my three kids look a thing like me...not at all (Well, Rhiannon's got my ears. Out of three kids and all the body parts, that's it. The only thing). This morning, though, I realized I could work this to my advantage. You see, on Tuesday I had to deal with a hugely embarrassing situation at The Children's Place (let's just say peeling your screaming two year old off the floor while trying to maneuver a giant stroller is no fun). Anyway, this morning I was thinking about Tuesday and how my kids don't look a thing like me. That's when it hit me. Next time something like that happens, I can just walk away. I mean, that screaming kid doesn't look like me. No one can prove he is my kid. Tristan crying because he can't get flip flops? Who's kid is he anyway, and why is he calling me Mommy? I don't know him. I clearly look nothing like him. Why would anyone assume he's mine? Crying, hungry baby? Nope, not mine. :) Maybe I'll try that next time. :):):):)

Ok, that's all I've got. I know it's not much, but like I said, you probably don't want to know all my thoughts. Ha! They're really not that bad...most of the time. :) Have a great weekend, and make mine really great by sharing some of your random thoughts. Robin, now is a great time to post yours!!! :):) I want to visit your page and see them, my friend!


The Hairston's said...

I'm in agreement with you about Kate. I think she loves the attention. I wish they would put the show to the side and go fix their marriage. From the impression I get from watching Jon though, it may be too late. He seems way over it.

I totally can see that your kids look like you. I mean, they look MORE like Channing but they look like you too!

Elyse said...

Hate to burst your bubble but I also think those childdren look like you. What the hey, it might work!!!
Oh, and I'm glad to know you have a tv you're watching while up with the baby. I'm planning on doing the same thing; it isn't like we're going to sit our kids in front of the tv as a babysitter! It's for our own entertainment - you've GOT to do something!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I have so much to comment on... so little time.
OK- I think that might have been my J&K comment and it caused quite a stir. It appears everyone has an opinion about them (me included!). I don't necessarily think they could get out of the TV show if they wanted to. I imagine they've signed away the rights to their lives with TLC for the $$. Sounds like a deal with the Devil, fo sho.

I HAVE seen the neckline slimmer while we were at the beach last week and it is HILARIOUS! I completely agree. Totally worthy of sitting in front of the TV and just waiting for that bad boy to come on.

I am sure those kids will be recognized. They cling to your leg, right? I think that's what gives mine away. I try to kick them off, but alas... they keep coming back.

Kool aid, capri sun, oreo bag purses- all ridiculous. Come on, people. I totally giving you that and an airbrushed front license plate for Christmas. It's going to read "I had my baby in this car" and it's going to have a sunset airbrushed in the background.

AND... good night at the length of this comment...Hurricane Katrina arrived about 4 days after O was born. I saw SO much stinkin' coverage of that it was ridiculous. I could probably still tell you which streets/ neighborhoods had the worst damage and how they rescued dogs, marked houses, and should have fired the mayor... but I digress. We all live in the info-mercial world for a short time period. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

If you give me a Kool-Aid purse for my b'day, I'm gonna hit you with it.