Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rhi Rhi Girl

Pronounced Ree Ree Girl

Finally, I am posting new pictures of my precious little girl. She is known in our household as Rhi Rhi Girl, and the boys and I are all smitten with her! She is such a blessing!!!

Here she is enjoying her ultra modern bath, the Tummy Tub. Seriously, she loves this thing!
Look at that happy face!Here she is modeling some of the outfits she's been sent:
That smile melts my heart!
LOVE that face!I am SO in love! Who knew little girls were so wonderful?!? I sure didn't!

Thank you, God, for my special girl!!!


Ole Miss Mom said...

Oh my goodness that tub thing is HILARIOUS!

What does it do??

LOVE all the pics...she is PRECIOUS!

AngelGirl said...

i saw the tub thing a while back!!! glad to know someone who loves it!!! Rhiannon is BEAUTIFUL!!!! i can't WAIT till i get to buy some PINK!!!! YAY!!!

annieck said...

Isn't it funny?!? My mil saw it on the Today show and was so impressed with it because they had like eight of them set up with babies in them, and none of them were crying.
Apparently, they're uber popular in Europe and are just making their way into the US market.
It doesn't really do anything. It's just designed to make the baby feel like he/she is back in the womb. Supposedly babies love it. Mine definitely does.
I like it because I don't have to bend over the tub.
You can see a demo or read more about it on

I call it our "glorified mop bucket". :)

Oh, A, buying pink is SO MUCH FUN! I can't wait to find out your little girl's name and of course, to meet her!

The Hairston's said...

She's PRECIOUS!! I can't believe how big she is getting and that she is already 2 months old! I love that sweet girl!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Annie. There is something wrong with that tub. I'm sure it's wonderful, but it looks like you could stick a big ole flower in there and it would be an Anne Geddes picture- like she IS a flower. And, she is certainly cute enough to be a model! Precious- even with that weird contraption.

Donna said...

Oh my goodness- I am in love! What a beauty!

The Greenfields said...

haha that tub (aka bucket) is so funny!! she is adorable! she looks like a mixture of both of your boys.i can't believe she is 2 months already!!

Leslie said...

It took me a min. to figure out that that was a real picture of her before I realized she was in the "bucket"! It was like a hologram or something. That is so funny!! Oh I think the not having to lean over a bath makes it! She is precious.