Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Months Old...Already???

I can't believe it, but the calendar says it's true. My little girl is officially two months old. *Sniff* How in the world could it be that she has already been here for two whole months?!?
I can't tell you how much I love this little girl. Until I had her, I was unable to imagine myself with a little girl. I dare say, I was even worried about it. Now I realize I was crazy to worry. She is so incredibly wonderful! I thank God every day for my precious gift!

On to pictures! I did this with both the boys, so of course, I had to continue the tradition with Rhi Rhi Girl. Every month, until she turns one, I will take pictures of her sitting in the same spot so that I can watch her growth. It's amazing to look back and see how quickly they grow!

Here are her two month shots:
(I used the same two locations for all three kiddos).
The corner of the crib:
And the glider:Happy Two Months, sweet Rhiannon!!! I love you very much!!!


AngelGirl said...

she is SOOO precious!!! can't believe she is already 2 mo!! i'm so glad the transition from boys to girl has been a fairly easy one....hopefully my MAC will become smitten with our baby girl. right now?? its not looking too good... tell YOUR experience does Rhiannon cry more than the boys did?? MAC has it in his head that girls cry more than boys???

annieck said...

Thanks, A! These two months have FLOWN by!!! The transition has been great. My boys love being big brothers, and I bet yours will too. :)
Tell MAC that girls do NOT cry more than boys. She doesn't cry much at all, just when she's bored or hungry. :)

ATinkLife said...

I had a friend who had the issue of her son not relishing the idea of a baby sister. So, she told him that when the baby cried it was because she needed him to protect her and make her feel better. He got that male instinct and his chest swelled and he did fine after that!
Annie, congrats, I can't believe how the time has flown either. Aren't our oldest supposed to be only four months old or something? lol

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

She is absolutely ADORABLE!! I will have to squeeze her in person some time soon!

The Chiaramontes said...

She is so precious! Love the pictures of her!

jenniferbernheim said...

She's so cute. I like your idea of capturing her at each month birthday. Keep those photos coming.

holly said...

well, you did it! you have 3 BEAUTIFUL kiddos! and you are so good for doing the monthly pics. somehow that part of eli's life hasn't happened. and he's 6 months!

LeAnne said...

she is BEAUTIFUL, annie!! love the monthly pics...i never did that with either of mine.