Monday, November 2, 2009

This Shirt Must Make My Girl Happy

Look how she beams every time she wears it!
My sweet Rhi Rhi girl. I love this girl beyond measure! What did the boys and I ever do without her???

Lately, she's become a big fan of sucking her toes and blowing bubbles. She also enjoys sucking her bottom lip. She's not really into the paci anymore, but that shouldn't surprise me. My boys never liked pacifiers either. Oh well. That will probably make it easier on me, I guess.
Her hair is already showing signs of future curls in the waves it produces when wet or in humid weather. Shocker, right?! She looks just like her daddy. I just can't get over the fact that I may have three curly headed kids. Who has three kids with curly hair?!? How often does that happen??? I LOVE it!!!
She is showing signs of teething, which hasn't made for a fun week. I give her Hyland's natural teething tablets, but she still wakes up in the middle of the night (she loves the 1:30/2:00 am hour).
She's a momma's girl but always saves big smiles for her daddy and brothers.
Speaking of big smiles, the best way to get this girl to smile at you is to give her a compliment. She can't get enough of those and always returns a compliment with a grin.
She still loves her tummy tub; always happy to take a bath.
She's very ticklish.
She reached for someone for the very first time this past weekend. While in Ozark visiting my family, she reached for Aunt Vicki. It was the first time ever. Later, she reached for me. SO sweet!
Her eyes are turning brown. At two months old, I was sure she would be a blue eyed girl like her brother, Tristan. Her eyes were getting so light. Now, the centers are brown and the outsides are blue. They are definitely changing. She's going to have her daddy's beautiful browns. Yet more proof that my kids are destined to look like their daddy's side of the family.
She loves her bouncy seat and can really get it moving. She moves her left leg up and down super fast and keeps it in constant motion. That is something my boys never did. They were content to sit in the seat while it vibrated.
She hates to have her nails cut, so they're almost always too long.
She's constantly talking and making sweet noise.
Rhiannon hardly ever cries. She usually reserves her crying for times when she's hungry or sleepy.

These are just a few of the things going on with my sweet Rhi Rhi girl these days. She is such an incredibly blessing and proof that God sure does love us!


The Hairston's said...

She's precious! I love that sweet smile!

These Three Kings said...

What a doll!! You are blessed...I love her cheeks :)

Karen said...

Love love the shirt! She is really growing! How cute!