Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures By An Amazing Photographer

On Sunday, Grethel Van Epps (a super amazing photographer) came to our house and took newborn shots of our sweet baby Rhiannon. As always, Grethel captured the greatest moments. I am SO in love with her work and now am faced with the difficult task of narrowing my choices down. How will I ever do it?! How do you choose when you see amazing pictures of the kids you love so much??? I have no idea.

Would you like to check them out? If so, visit Grethel's site, "Enter Site", click on "clients", and the password is "girl" (case sensitive). Let me know what you think.

AND if you're in this area and are looking for a photographer, I've just led you to a great one! We LOVE Grethel!!!

Oh, you can also visit her blog: Grethel's blog


The Hairston's said...

OH MY!!! I say that you just take out a 2nd mortgage on your house and buy them all! WOW! They are INCREDIBLE (as usual!) It's hard to pick favorites but I do LOVE the one with her in the pink hat. Also the family pics are all great! It's not going to be easy to choose!

Amy said...

Beautiful pics! I love several of them. #95 is precious. I love the ones with her pink hat on. The ones with her and her daddy are SO sweet. Of course, the family ones are great. I don't know how to pick just a few. I'm not much help.

The Greenfields said...

seriously, they are all so amazing!!! i loooooooove the first one of just her, i love the ones with her and tristan (by the way- he could totally be a child model- those eyes are amazing!) love the ones of her with you and channing and absolutely LOVE the family ones! the feet one especially. they are wonderful and she is a DOLL BABY and you look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! R looks like Tristan to me- does she to you?

~k said...

Those are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, THAT is REAL photography!!!
SO worth it!!!
I agree- you should put Tristan to work! LOVE the little pink hat and the one that looks like she's in a cocoon... and there is one without the hat and her eyes are cracked that I loved. Also adore the family ones sitting on the blanket. She is beautiful and you look FABULOUS! Congrats again!!!

annieck said...

Y'all are so sweet. Thank you for taking the time to look at her pictures and to offer your opinions. I need all the help I can get. Grethel is just really good, and choosing is going to be super hard.
Rachel, I do think Rhiannon looks like Tristan. The more I look at her and compare her to Tristan's newborn pictures, there are a lot of similarities. There are some differences too, but definitely more similarities. If I get the chance, I'll have to scan one of his newborn pics.

Brandy said...

Oh my, Annie! You have a hard job ahead of you! I would never be able to decide! I love all the outdoor ones, the pink hat ones, and you look fabulous! CONGRATS!

amy kennedy said...

Annie those pictures are all so precious. I'm so excited for your new family of 5! Rhiannon is so adorable and you're going to have the best time being her mommy. She's got 2 handsome big brothers too-I seriously don't know how you'll choose the pictures either. I love all the family shots! Take care and hope you can get some rest. Also we want to hear the story soon about her arrival! We are thinking about all of you-Much love to your new family!

Emily said...

annie, LOVE the pictures! first, rhiannon is just BEAUTIFUL! what a precious, preciou baby. i love all the pics. of the group ones, i adore the one of channing holding her with his eyes closed. and the one of tristan and her on the blanket where they ar both on their backs, but lying in opposite directions. and also the one of you and her nose to nose. sorry, i didnt have the #s of those...
but seriously, great pictures. i know yall are soooo proud!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Those are all beautiful. Truly- my ovaries are quivering! Looking at newborn pics makes me want another one so bad!!
I love the ones of her all curled up (I forgot they did that) and I love the ones with her fist in her mouth. Any of them outside are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the one with Channing, too, that Em was talking about. And the one of you with your nose to hers, as well.
And you look AMAZING to have just had a baby... in the car! I think you should start saying it like on Sweet Home Alabama, "I had a baby... in a CAR" instead of bar, you know?
AND- shouldn't there be a picture of the car in there?? haha! And my newborn baby would have been covered in trash and cheerios had she been born on my floorboard. Just wanted to note that.
Love you. You can't go wrong with the pics. SO many good ones!