Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday! To those of you who are new around here, on Thursday's I share my random thoughts from the week. These are just a collection of my strangest and most pressing thoughts. Most are totally out of left field, but I guess that's how I think. So, here goes:
Does it annoy (or totally drive nuts, like in my case) any of you when/if you call a store (say, Wal-Mart) and ask for a particular department (let's say "car seats", just as an example) and ask the worker if they have a particular item, and they say, "Ummmmmmm, I don't think so"? Ok, I am calling because I NEED to know if they have an item. I don't want to know what they "think". I want the worker to kindly go over to the section where they work and check for me. Seriously, is it that hard? I have been told before that they didn't "think" they had a particular item, and when I went and looked myself, there it was...right on the shelf. DRIVES ME CRAZY! I don't call much, and now I remember why. These days, no one wants to take the time to check on anything. Sounds like some stores and their workers need some Publix or Chick-fil-A training.

So all during this pregnancy, I've told everyone my due date is June 10. I told everyone that because that is what I was told by my ultrasound tech. However, when I saw her a second time, she acted like I had lost my mind and that my due date was actually June 13. I had become so accustomed to the 10th, I just stuck with it. Now that the dates are approaching, though, I have moved it to the 13. I am trying to keep myself from being disappointed should this baby arrive late (like Ash). I am reminding myself every day that the date is nothing but a date. It really doesn't mean much.

Speaking of my due date, I have an idea for a t-shirt. I think those of you pregnant women at the end of your pregnancies could appreciate this shirt. It would be a shirt that would say, "I am due in __ days." In the spot where the blank is, there would be velcro. This shirt would come with numbers, and each day, you could change the numbers. That way, you won't be asked 100 times how much longer you have, how many more days, if you're about to pop, etc. I think it would significantly cut down on having to repeat yourself, and for those who still ask (and you know they will), you can simply point to the numbers on your shirt. Yeah, so wearing the same shirt every day wouldn't be super cool, but at least you wouldn't have to repeat yourself all day. By the end of my pregnancies, I'm just putting on whatever is mildly comfortable anyway.

I will say, though, it is kind of nice being pregnant because most people are so accommodating (well, except for the shoppers at Publix on a Monday night. NEVER shop at Publix on a Monday night around 6:30 p.m. Everyone is there, and they're ruthless). People offer their seats to me, give me compliments, and shower me with well wishes. It's so nice. It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks (HOPEFULLY SOONER), all of that will be over. People will go back to racing me to the checkout line and to the last seat on the bus (I couldn't think of anything else. I don't really ride the bus).

I am still wondering about the whole permanent pregnancy thing. NO PROGRESS at this past Tuesday's appointment. Oh joy! Oh well. It's probably for the best. I still have much to do at home, and my doc is at the beach for the rest of the week. He delivered my boys, and I'm really hoping he'll be able to deliver our little girl.

Ok, the new movie "Drag Me to Hell"...what in the world?! I saw the previews for the first time when I was working out a few weeks back. I was working out on a treadclimber (my FAV) that had a t.v. on it. It came on during a commercial break from the movie I was watching, and I nearly passed out. The previews are HORRIBLE. Who wants to see that, much less hear it through head phones? UGH! I mean, the title itself is bad enough..."Drag Me to Hell"??? Who would want to see that?! Apparently a lot of people because I saw that it performed well at the box office. I just don't get it.

Did anyone out there watch Conan O'Brien's first Late Show Monday night? I admit it, I gave in to the hype and checked it out. In my opinion, it was really funny. He cracked me up. And Will Ferrell...HILARIOUS! I'll admit, I haven't been a big Conan fan and rarely watched his Late Late Show (it kind of got on my nerves), but I've watched two episodes of his late show and have enjoyed them. I'm sorry to say goodbye to Jay (even though I didn't really watch him. Again, I am a Letterman fan), but I think Conan fits in quite nicely. Way to go, Conan!

Speaking of Conan's show, if you watched it, you caught Pearl Jam, right? Ok, back in the day, I was a HUGE, and I mean HUGE Pearl Jam fan. I though Eddie Vedder hung the moon. I thought he was gorgeous and loved the whole grunge experience. When I heard Pear Jam was going to perform on the show, I got a little nostalgic and a little excited. Um, yeah, so that excitement wore off once they hit the stage and even more when they started playing. Bless him, Eddie Vedder has really aged. He's no longer the hot young guy he once was. Also, what was that music? When the music started, I wondered if it was some kind of modern pop music or something, a far cry from the grunge of the 90s. And Eddie's singing, could you understand any of the words??? His singing did not go with the music at all. Overall, I was greatly disappointed. I prefer to remember, with fondness, the Pearl Jam of the past. I'm going to try to pretend I did not see them Monday night. Nope, I did NOT see them, haven't seen them in a few years.

Spencer and Heidi, seriously?! Do they drive you crazy too? If you know who they are (and who doesn't these days), they drive you crazy. Thing is, they know this and continue to act...well, crazy and annoying. They make their money off of people hating them. I was thinking about that a couple of nights ago as I was watching a quick five minutes of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" (five minutes was all I could take). Heidi was crying hysterically (and has been re-played on every celebrity news show out there) and Spencer was going ballistic because someone tore off the labels from their dry shampoo bottles (what is dry shampoo anyway?). I just don't know how they do it. Money just doesn't seem like enough motivation for me not to care that the nation is always making fun of me, and that everyone seems to hate me. Would it be worth it to you?

A few nights ago, Tristan told me that when he goes to college, I can come with him. Isn't that the sweetest? Now if I can get him to put it in writing and sign it in blood, we may have ourselves a contract. ;)

One of Asher's "fun" new tricks is to tell Channing and me, "I won't!" whenever we try to get him to do something. "Asher, let's take a bath." "I WON'T TAKE A BATH! I WON'T!" "Asher, eat your dinner." "I won't eat my dinner!" Oh yeah, fun times for sure.

I will say about Asher, though, he has phenomenal manners. I am totally serious. He just turned two in April, but anytime we give him a compliment (and most other people too, depending on how shy he's being at the moment), he says "thank you". "Asher, you can run fast." "Thank you." "Asher, I like your outfit". "Thank you." Not only that, he is quick to say "please", ''yes ma'am'', ''yes sir", "no thank you" (though, we sometimes get a "no thank you" when he's not really been given a choice. For example, "Asher, let me change your dirty diaper." "No thank you."), etc. I am amazed. It took a long time with Tristan. I guess it just goes to show, having an older sibling is super great. They learn so much from them.

Have you tried the Philadelphia Spinach & Artichoke Cream Cheese? If not, stop what you're doing, get in the car, and go buy some. It is DELISH! I bought it because I had a coupon that made it free or nearly free at Publix a couple of weeks ago. I tried it for the first time a couple of days ago. I had it on Wheat Thins. Now, I am hooked. YUMMO!

That's all I can think of for now. How about you? Any random thoughts that you're dying to share? Please do. It would make the day of a big, heavy pregnant!


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad I didn't have a mouth full of water as I read the "last seat on the bus" comment! I thought, "really??? Annie riding a bus?? hmmm?" Then I read that you don't ride buses & I peed my pants! Not really, but if I was pregnant, I definitely would have let out some pee!! Thanks for making me smile!!
BTW...WITH YA on the not at all helpful customer services at some of these stores...Wal-Mart & Toys R Us top my list of worst ever! I've begun to get a little feisty and say, well could you please go check to make sure. But, I'm convinced they just put me on hold, file their nails for awhile, then pick the phone back up & tell me they don't have what I'm looking for!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

Here's a random thought for you - it's from a while back but I was reminded of it yesterday as I passed a billboard and cracked myself up all over again. Several years ago these billboards started going up all over town - The Furnace - and they had a flame and that's all. I had no idea what The Furnace was but my first thought was it was probably a new church or youth program that was starting to get the hype going - The Furnace like Shadrak, Meshack, and Abindigo (sp?!) what a great name for a ministry. For MONTHS every time I would see those signs that was just what I assumed it was for. Then I saw on the news one night that it was for a new "gentlemen's club" opening soon. I later realized that in the flame on the billboard was the frame of a naked woman!! Imagine how silly I felt!!

annieck said...

Lindsey, maybe I should start riding the bus? That would be super cool, huh? :) Ha!
Michelle, you TOTALLY made my day with your random thought! I laughed so hard! Now that you mention it, I assumed The Furnace was a church thing too. Oh my! I had NO idea. Now I'm really going to be trying to check out that sign. How did I/we confuse that?! Ha!!!!

Brandi said...

Babies-R-Us is the WORST!!! I wouldn't shop there if I could help it.

ATinkLife said...

Have you tried reg. cream cheese with salsa or pepper jelly? Yum! Sounds kinda gross but it is really good.
The Drag Me To Hell thing, they played that during a mythbusters commercial, and M&M loves mythbusters. Tim laughed at me as I jumped over the back of the recliner and covered her eyes; it is a atrocious!
I loved Pearl Jam, too, especially the song from a couple of years ago, Black. Someone heard me listening to it in the car with my two kids and said, "Aren't you a little young for Pearl Jam?" Let me think on that!!!