Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Like Christmas!

Ok, so don't get all legalistic on me. Obviously what is going on today can, in no way, hold a candle to the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Obviously. However, I felt the need to throw that out there because I am aware that there are those who believe that if you are an avid football fan, you must not get excited about the Lord. Ok, if you're one of those people, please don't be one of those people. It is possible to love Jesus and to get excited about football. Ok, that was my soapbox. Now for some fun!

Today, my good friends, Chris, Lee, and Kirk, make a comeback (so, in my head, we're good friends). Oh how I've missed them! I even miss Lee picking our team and forcing the Tide to climb a mountain to fight that bad karma. ;) I've missed the crazy fans, the even crazier outfits (I mean, seriously, what is it about football that makes grown men dress like some kind of crazy fanatics in clothes that they wouldn't dream of wearing otherwise?), the coin toss, seeing crimson running onto the field, the tackles, the passes, the fakes, the kicks, the yells, the cheers, the food. I've missed it all!Finally, today is the day. It's gameday, people! Today, the Tide takes on the Hoakies in the Georgia Dome. I was at the Georgia Dome last year when Alabama completed shocked the masses and deflated Clemson's dreams of a year at the top. I was there for the excitement and the free Chick-fil-A chicken strip coupons. This year, though, I'll be watching it from home. That's ok. I am just pumped to watch!!! I am proud of my Tide, no matter what happens. I'm proud of the Hoakies too. I'm proud that these two teams, two top 10 ranked teams, agreed to play each other in their opening game. I mean, it takes guts, right? No cupcakes in Atlanta today!

Speaking of brave, I have to hand it to Georgia and Oklahoma State too. They're throwing out the cushy first game to play each other so that we, football fans, can see some real excitement on opening Saturday. GO DAWGS!!! It just so happens that, at our house, we are UA fans and UGA fans.

Here's to hoping the Tide and the Dawgs pull it out today. Both teams have had to deal with the flu. UGH! Alabama has also had other obstacles including a player who was shot and some NCAA investigations. CRAZY! Hoping we'll overcome it, anyway. Too, we're hoping we'll overcome Lee, and he'll go with the Hoakies and Oklahoma State!

Happy Gameday, everyone!!!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Happy Gameday!
And Waaaaaaaar Eagle!!!
I can't wait, either.
I love college football, period and love to watch anybody, so I'm hoping we all have a good day!

Glad to see that football made you post again!

PS- what the heck is on the back ground of your screen? Just asking. Love you!

annieck said...

I don't know! It looks terrible! I need to totally change my page. The other background disappeared. :( Where does one find the time, especially with prehistoric computer?!?

Rachael said...

Blasphemy I tell you...blasphemy! HA HA HA!!! I know how pumped the Kings get about some SEC football so I am glad it's that time for you again!!!

ATinkLife said...

Ok, I can be happy that you are happy and even root for the same team, but I will be one of those running the other way. Football season makes me scream "aaagghhh!" and time to make up sewing projects in the other room while the rest of the family goes crazy in the living room. Roll tide! (from another room)!

holly said...

is 'life with lori' lori lee?

AngelGirl said...

well, i am just glad that you have a new blog post!!! hahah- even if it DOES involve talk of football;p
i have missed my annie updates!!!
roll tide- from another room, in another state!!! lol!!!