Thursday, September 24, 2009

Go Big or Go Home

That's Rhiannon's motto about her new bow for next week's Georgia/LSU game. We'll be in Athens rooting for the dawgs, and of course, Rhi had to have some very special Georgia gear...this bow being part of that. I mean, could it get any bigger?!? The more I see it, though, the more I love it! Never mind the fact that her daddy says we need to call an oncologist because it looks like a tumor coming out of her head. We don't hear that at all. Rhi and I just say, "Go BIG or go HOME!"


AngelGirl said...

hahah!!! LOVE IT!!! and the look on her face is PRICELESS!!!

Donna said...

I made fun of these until I had a little girl and it was so much fun to see them like that. Hillary WILL comment and tell you they are "brain squishers", which is what she said to me anytime she saw one. : ) But I think it's ADORABLE!!!