Monday, September 28, 2009

Here Come the Scissors!

Long past due, my boys finally got their hair cut this past Friday. Both of them (well, all three if you count their daddy) have been so busy that we haven't been able to get them in to see their hairdresser. By this past week, though, I couldn't handle the long hair anymore. It was more and more difficult to fix and control each day.
Check out our before and afters:

Tristan went first. Asher's first haircut didn't go so well (in his defense, we interrupted his nap after 15 minutes to get his haircut), so we wanted him to be able to watch Tristan first.

Here is Tristan before:
Is that a sweet smile or what?! I LOVE this kid!

And after:
He looks about two years older! It's really not the greatest picture. His hair looks much better in person. It's pretty short but grows really fast. By next week, it will be the perfect length!

Next up, Asher. He was pretty nervous, so he never said a word. He kept super quiet, even when Miss Missy and I talked to him. He didn't cry, though, so we counted it a success!

Asher before:
Please know that this picture was taken post-car nap and after the hairdresser had puffed it up. It doesn't always look like this. Though, admittedly, it sometimes does.

He was so shy!

And after:
A little disclaimer on his "after" shot. He hair was unfixed, so it looks a little puffy. Once I got him home, I got his curls going again. :)

Friday was a success! Haircuts for all my favorite men, just in time for the Bama game.


The Hairston's said...

Handsome little men!!! LOVE the before picture of Asher! So funny!

AngelGirl said...

hahahahah!!!! the before of Asher is jsut precious!!! LOVE IT!!!! both boys look super handsome;)