Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Welcome back to another weekly addition of my crazy and random thoughts. These are just random things that have popped into my head this week. Some are more profound than others. Here goes:"The Boss" performed at half time at the Super Bowl this year. That kind of baffled me. I mean, is Bruce Springsteen the hot thing right now? Apparently he is because I was laughing about it all week, and then yesterday, I saw that he has some kind of top selling record right now. Who knew? Bruce Springsteen...2009. Interesting.

I watched a segment of Heidi Klum's THS on "E" the other day and was so pleased to hear that she gained 40 pounds in her last pregnancy. I was thrilled to hear it because it was so close to what I gained with my boys. Of course, then reality set in and I was reminded that she lost all her weight in eight weeks...just in time for a Victoria's Secret fashion show. Thanks for bursting my bubble, Heidi!

Speaking of pregnancy weight, I had my monthly doctor's appointment today. Channing wasn't able to go because of the appointment timing, so I went alone. I was feeling pretty good about my weight gain...until I stepped on the scale. Once I saw my weight gain, my hopes fell. I gained SEVEN pounds in the past four weeks! That, in itself, is bad enough. What makes matters worse is that for three of the four weeks, I was fasting sweets and soft drinks. Plus, I've been doing weights and cardio regularly. Seriously, I went to the room and almost cried. It was all I could do not to burst into tears. Thank goodness it took Dr. Sharp a while to get to my room. Had he gotten there earlier, he would have had to deal with my hysterics. Instead, I was able to compose myself and save my bawling for the ride home. I did try to talk to him about my weight, but he didn't seem concerned. Channing either. Oh well.

Why do some moms/parents allow their children to put their hands all in other people's babies' faces? Seriously, people don't like that. They may tell you it's "ok" when your child slaps their baby upside the head, but just's not. And I'm not talking about friends' kids here. I'm talking about complete strangers who think it's ok for their child to rub and slap my baby's face. It's not ok. It's not ok with me, and I'm pretty positive others don't like it either.

National Signing Day was yesterday, and I couldn't have been more excited about the results. Bama RACKED UP! For the second year in a row, the Crimson Tide scored's #1 recruiting class. Woo hoo! I just love it! I love it so much that I cried yesterday when I watched Tana Patrick put on his panama hat. Yes, I know I'm a little overboard, but it's just so much fun. Plus, I'm hormonal. ROLL TIDE!!!

So today I was dropping Tristan off at school, and the woman who got him out of the car asked him his brother's name. Tristan told him Asher's name, and then the lady told me how pretty my boys are. She then said, "Yeah, if you had a girl, she'd probably be ugly!" WOW! Thanks, lady! I really appreciate that. She did follow up with, "She would probably be ugly because your first two are so pretty", but still. Who says that?! Obviously, she has no idea that I am pregnant and expecting a girl. Oh, the things people say...

Today I heard Milli Vanilli on the radio..."Girl you know it's true ooo ooo...I wantchu." I rocked out! I loved me some Milli Vanilli back in the day. Yes, I know they lip synced, but how fun was the music?! Would you totally judge me if I put some Milli Vanilli on my ipod???

Alright, folks. That's all I've got for this week. The boys (minus Asher) and I are heading to Disney World tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have lots of random thoughts throughout our trip. :) In the meantime, I would love to know some of the random thoughts passing through your head this week. So if you're willing to share, leave them in my comments section. They make my day!!!


LeAnne said...

you never disappoint on thurdays, annie! have a fabulous birthday weekend at disney!!

~k said...

I loved Milli Vanilli too!
and I was really thinking that Bruce looked like he was in slow motion when he jumped on the piano. And then he slid into the cameraman!
Your daughter will be every bit as beautiful as your boys- probably even more so- no worries!
Have fun at Disney!!!

holly said...

1) Heidi Klum is not real...she has a trainer, chef, nanny...all the things we would need to get skinny fast. Plus, Channing is much cuter than Seal, so at least you have that advantage over her
2)I was at a cute kids shop today, and hadley was looking at a baby in a stroller. I told hadley to look and not touch, and them mom said, no worries, she has an older brother and he is always all over her. I still kept her hands off the baby...until I turned my back for 2 seconds when the lady working there asked me a question...turned back around and hadley had her hand in the baby's mouth. Yep, I was "That Mom" today. It happens to the best of us!
3)Roll Tide!
4)Your baby girl will be beautiful. The woman that said that probably has ugly kids
5)Love(d) Milli Vanilli. Put it on your ipod and jam sister.
6)Are you going to tell everyone that tomorrow is your 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!????? Sorry, but you'll always be older than me!

~w said...

you are TOO funny! i agree with everything that you said, especially the hands in the baby's face thing! WHY is that? WHAT are they thinking? i don't even let eb near babies!