Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Welcome back to a late edition of Thursday's Random Thoughts. I'm sure my two loyal readers were so incredibly disappointed to not have this on the web earlier. I mean, how did you make it through your day, Mom and Grandma? Ok, here are my totally random thoughts from this week:


"Lost"...I am so addicted. It really is
the greatest show. This season has been awesome, and so many questions are being answered. What in the world will I do when the show comes to an end? Be sure that I will be in mourning. This will make my mourning over "Dawson's Creek" and "Felicity" look like child's play.

What is the deal with Octumom?!? That woman completely freaks me out. I just can't help but grieve for those poor children. So many things concern me, and I pray that those sweet children will be taken care of...even if it is by the taxpayers.

Speaking of totally freaking me about the 13 year old dad?!? Has anyone else seen this story. Heartbreaking. The kid looks like he's about eight years old, and supposedly, he's a dad! He supposedly has a baby with a 15 year old girl. What in the world?!? Ok, 15 is too old for a 13 year old boy. And a dad?!? SO sad.

I know this won't make me popular with a lot of people, but can I just say that texting while driving makes me furious? It does. It really makes my blood boil. It is so incredibly dangerous, not only for the texter but also for those who have to drive beside, in front of, and behind the person distracted by updating their facebook status. Seriously, I love you friends, but if you're driving down the interstate or 280, I don't want to read about the guy you saw in the car beside you picking his nose. I would much rather you get home safely, and allow all the little kids in carseats to get home safely, and then update your status. Thank you.

Speaking of facebook status updates, I am amazed at how often some people are able to update their statuses. It almost seems as if some people's days revolve around those updates. Is that what Twitter is like? If so, there is no way I need any part of that. How does anyone get anything done? I have enough time-wasting activities as it is. My husband could attest to that. :)

I heard on GMA this morning that we are currently in the two weeks of the year that most people give up their new year's resolutions and quit dieting and exercising. All I can really say about that is.....YEAAAAAAAAAA! Does that mean I won't have to wait two hours to get on my favorite elliptical and treadmill?!? Awesome!

While I'm on the subject of the gym, I have to admit that when I go, I do something strange. I go to the gym to get a good workout, to do weights, to do cardio, to burn calories...but for some reason, when I go, I am obsessed with finding a parking place close to the front door. You would think I would want to park way far away. I mean, then I could walk and burn more calories. Nope. I want the spot closest to the front. Makes no sense.

Back in the day, when people wanted to waste time at work, they played solitaire. Does no one play solitaire anymore? I really don't think so. I think now everyone wastes time on facebook and twitter. What will happen to solitaire? Will it be retired? I had totally forgotten about it until today when our internet was down at work. I got on for a quick game or two (or 10). It was like welcoming back an old friend. Of course, once the internet is back up and running, good ole friend, solitaire, will be shoved to the side. Oh, and while I'm bringing up solitaire, I think that if you only draw one card (rather than three), you're a cheater. There, I said it. It's off my chest. I'll rest well tonight.

I hate getting new phone books. I really do. When I see the phone book passer outers going through our neighborhood or through our office complex at work, I cringe. I despise getting new phone books. I mean, is there a reason I need two of the exact kind of phone book? And do I really need five different versions (in doubles, of course)? Who uses all those phone books? And then I've got the ones from last year to deal with. It stresses me out. When I need a phone number, I use the internet. I don't need all those phone books. Seriously, I wish phone books would be least at my house. :)

So, a month or so ago, I thought I would be super cool and chic and order some Citizen of Humanity maternity jeans. I was SO excited until I got them in the mail. They were really cute until I put them on. Yeah, um, they were pretty tight and did absolutely nothing for my love handles. I was SO discouraged! I had $70 jeans (my price off ebay, and yes, they were EUC), $70 maternity jeans, that looked awful on me. Sadly, I listed them on Craigs List and sold them yesterday. It was sad to see them go. I considered saving them until after Rhiannon comes so that I could wear them as I make the transition back in to my regular jeans. Alas, I got an interested buyer and decided against it. I met the super sweet girl at church last night and said goodbye to my cool, hip, chic jeans. I guess it's Motherhood for me. I should have known I wasn't that cool. Enjoy your jeans, B! *sniff*

Why is it that when pregnant women (myself included) feel their babies move, they (we) say, "Oh, the baby's kicking!" Or "He's playing soccer in there!" I mean, let's get real here. That baby might be laughing at us. He might not be kicking at all. He might actually be punching. Does anyone ever stop to think of that? I bet twins have a blast laughing with each other as they punch their mommies' bellies and their little "soccer" feet get the credit for it.

As for calling our babies little "soccer stars", does that offend the football kickers? I mean, do football kickers get offended that they aren't ever given any credit? Or what about kick boxers? I'm just sayin...

Alrighty. That's all I've got for this week. How about you? I know you've got some super random thoughts stored up in that head of yours. Entertain us! Share what you've got. It always makes my day!!!


Brandi said...

Okay, I disagree. I LOVE to get new phone books. I'm not sure why. I rarely use them. The big yellow van rolled through our neighborhood yesterday. I was so excited! My guess is, it is there if I need it. I also get to throw out the old one. I LOVE to throw stuff away!

Shasta said...

My husband and I are big Lost fans too, this season is so good! My only complaint is how they leave you hanging EVERY episode and then you have to wait a whole week for the next. I know every show of that kind does that, but Lost does it best.

The 13 yr. old dad! It's just nuts, isn't it? When I saw his picture, I thought of my almost 7 year old, they seriously look the same age! What is a 15 yr. old girl doing with a kid that looks 7 anyway? I feel so bad for him and that poor little baby.

Sorry about your jeans. That's what I hate about buying online, you never know how it's going to fit.

Jeremy and Michelle said...

I am a loyal reader and I did miss your post yesterday! I had a pregnant friend over yesterday and she had some cute dark maternity jeans that she got at Wal-Mart for $9 - wouldn't hurt to check them out.
I have mixed emotions about the octomom - There are a lot of crazy things about the story but I can't imagine that she really was trying to have 8 babies (even though the putting in 6 embryos is crazy!) but if only one or two like in her previous attempts had made it we wouldn't even know her name. Praise God I've never had to experience that world of infertility or assisted pregnancy and all the issues involved! (even thought her situation is very different than most!)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! I thought I was the only one who HATES phone books! Our city is divided into two counties, so we get phone books for each county! And, I think they've seperated the white and yellow pages now, so we get like 20 a year!! Sooo annoying! I just leave them on my porch and pretend not to see them until someone comes over and says "Oh, you got a new phone book!" Really, people, stop wasting paper to make all those crazy phone books! And, texting while ultimate pet peeve!! It is so dangerous and I'm pretty sure that nothing anyone has to say is so important that it can't wait! Keep the random thoughts coming! They truly make my day!

The Hoppers said...

Our phone book hangs out on the porch for several weeks before I even bring it in. Actually, my mom was in town and she brought it in. It was waterlogged. It usually hangs out in the front yard. I am putting my old one in the recycling bin, even though I think it's illegal. If the Power Team was still around, I would send it to them.

Donna said...

Let me just say Lost is absolutely the best show ever. I am definitely a Lostie and I'm so glad they are moving the plot along now. LOVE IT! Also- I hate phone books and ALWAYS use the internet for addresses and numbers despite having these ridiculous books. P.S. Did you ever tell those ladies at the clinic that you were Channing's wife?