Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday, all! Welcome back for another weekly installment of my most random thoughts. This week, many of my thoughts are focused on our Disney trip from last weekend.
Here goes:How is it that God can love me so much? I fail Him every day, yet He welcomes me back, patiently, with open arms. Do others realize how much our God loves us? How much He desires relationship with us? How quick He is to forgive us and take us back? I don't know about everyone else, but I am so incredibly thankful. I pray that I can show people a quarter of the love and forgiveness that my heavenly Father shows me.

Today, I read a couple of super encouraging verses. I hope they help someone else as much as they helped me: Psalm 33:18-19 : "But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear Him, on those whose hope is in His unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine." No matter what the economy looks like, no matter how hopeless things look, we have got to keep our God front and center. If we do that, He WILL take care of us. Thank you, Lord!

I wish someone could explain some things about home pregnancy tests to me. Why do people feel the need to spend $10-$20 dollars on a single home pregnancy test? I truly don't get it. And now they have digital tests for those who can't read the + or - sign and for those who have trouble distinguishing from one line or two. I mean, do we really need a $20 test to spell out the words "You're pregnant"? Really? Let me tell you something...with Asher, I found out from a Dollar Tree test. That's right, folks. I spent a whole dollar to find out I was pregnant. I didn't need some fancy pancy test to give me the results. And let me let you in on another secret...your doctor's office uses the same ol' cheap test that Dollar Tree uses. Yep. They're not shelling out $20/test.

While on the plane to Orlando, I was checking out Sky Mall Magazine. In the magazine I saw something very intriguing. I saw Jumpin Jammerz. If you don't know what Jumpin' Jammerz are, you're really missing out. The ad states, "Jumpin Jammerz makes a great gift for that hard-to-shop-for person. Perfect for preteens, teenagers and adults." Hey! I have hard-to-shop-for people. Why didn't I know about Jumpin Jammerz sooner?!? Seriously. I mean, what says "thoughtful" like adult one-piece footed pajamas? I can't think of anything that even comes close. Now I know what to give my friends at family at Christmas every year...$75 adult footed pajamas.

At Disney last weekend, while having a quick lunch, I noticed something really disgusting...prepare yourselves...I saw "No refrigeration mayonnaise". It's made by Hellman's. Ok, G-R-O-S-S! I am not, I repeat, not a mayonnaise person, so the thought of using mayonnaise that has been sitting out totally disgusts me. Can you say e coli poisoning? Eeeeeewwww! Something about hot mayonnaise makes my skin crawl. Do people eagerly use non-refrigerated mayonnaise?!?

Being amongst so many people from so many different walks of life, you see all kinds of interesting things...most notably, unique fashion choices. At Disney, you see all kinds of fashions. You see the super hip moms and dads who are wearing their designer clothes and sunglasses. You see fanny packs. You see those who are decked out, head to toe, in Mickey gear. You see the men in their "Grumpy" t-shirts. A couple of my favorite fashions from the weekend: One woman at our hotel had on a hunter green shirt and neon (and I mean NEON) green socks. Very interesting. My other favorite was a man's t-shirt. It said, "I wish I was rich, but instead I'm really strong." HILARIOUS! I love people-watching at Disney world!

I have an idea for a new class. I think it's one that many women should be required to attend. My new class is called "Hover Class". What is "Hover Class", some might ask? "Hover Class" is a class that would teach women, women who prefer to hover when using public restrooms, how to hover properly. The much-needed class would teach women how to aim into the toilet rather than peeing all over the toilet seat. There would be sections of the semester focused solely on aim and target practice. There would also be a section focused on cleaning the seat should you miss. Seriously, you know I'm right. How many times do you go into a public restroom only to see pee all over the seat? What are you/these women doing? Ok, can I just say that I think it should be a law that if a public restroom (like all the ones at Disney) offers you a toilet seat protector, you should be REQUIRED to use it. NO HOVERING ALLOWED when toilet seat protectors are offered. I mean, I'm just sayin'...

I thought about starting to refer to my boys on my blog by their first initials, but then I thought people might be offended if they constantly see "T & A" on my blog. Bad idea.

What is up with Joaquin Phoenix?! Seriously. Did anyone see the Dave Letterman interview last night? I have NEVER seen such a horrible interview. I felt so bad for Dave, but he really handled himself well. He was HILARIOUS! Joaquin looked like a caveman and tried to totally blow off the interview. It was painful to watch. Word has it, he's trying to pull some master Punk prank by telling everyone he's leaving acting for his "rap career". Sources say, he's totally into character and trying to punk everyone. Ok, it's just not funny. Where's my "Walk the Line" Johnny Cash? I don't dig this new Joaquin. Come back to us, Joaquin!!!

Ok, folks. That's all I've got for this week. How about you? Any random thoughts to share. You know you've got 'em, so share them with the rest of us!


AngelGirl said...

i will agree that you should probably stay away from the first initial for your boys! haha!!!
i did NOT see letterman...but i HAVE seen joaquin pheonix lately...and yeah...its pretty horrible. but hey...if the "britster" can make a come back...i guess he'll be able to also. OH!! and i'll be waiting anxiously for my footie-jammies. ;)

Brandi said...

Okay, don't be so harsh on us. I did not pay $20 for a pregnancy test but I would have considered it. Our line was so faint it was hard to tell if it was actually there or if was just where it would be. We tried the plus and the two lines both were this way. Apparently there are some that say pregnant or not pregnant. That would have been very helpful.

As for the hover class. PLEASE teach it!!! It is in high demand. I get so frustrated. Come on people, if you have such bad aim just take a seat. You clearly are so lazy you can't clean up your mess so just go ahead and plop it on down. I also feel like I should explain sometimes. It was there when I arrived. It wasn't me that left the spray. But I usually just press on and don't worry about it. Great idea though!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

Just today I was telling some friends that you can get a pregnancy test at the dollar tree - which I only recently realized when I went in early Sunday morning to get my $1 paper (for coupons) and saw them hanging there my the cash register - and if I had had an extra buck I would have picked one up - never know when you might need one :) I've never paid big bucks but never such a deal as $1. One of my friend questioned if it really worked - I mean, it's got to have the same main features as the big buck tests - even if you bought 5 to make sure it was accurate you're still saving mucho money :)

Mandy Smith said...

Annie, I love these peeks inside your brain. I agree with every point you made. I did see the Joaquin interview. The whole time I kept saying, "Is this for real??" Crazy. Jason just walked my the computer and he now wants the footed pj's. I am so sure. Send him over a pair! Love ya!

shlane said...

Its true about the pregnancy tests. My doctor told me to get them at the Dollar Tree (No, I'm not pregnant.)
As for hovering, I find that when I'm pregnant I need the bars in the handicap bathroom for extra stability. Yes, its touching one more thing in there, but much better than losing balance and touching the seat. I was so proud of my 4 year old the other day, making "the nest" of toilet paper all on her own.

Sellars said...

Thats so funny i used a $tree test after i took the cvs test and they both said the same thing so next time its only going to be $tree. I saw that interview sooo crazy! even more check out his rapping on you tube he falls off the stage he is so messed up on something! i hope someone will get him some help I love him great actor!

Brandi said...

Just thought you might like to know after I posted my comment yesterday that exact thing happened to me at the bathroom at the Cajun Dinner Theater. Hilarious! Of course there was a line when I came out and the lady for sure thought I had done it. I said nothing but got tickled thinking about this. I also had a couple random thoughts. I never know which screen to look at during church. One is closer but I have a better angle at the other? I just don't know. Also why must people put a car tag on the front of their car of what their car is? I recognize that you are driving a Mercedes. The big logo on the hood tipped me off. I didn't really need the nice and probably very expensive chrome plate of the logo on the front of the car too. Maybe its a status thing I just don't get?

annieck said...

Brandi, you crack me up! You KNOW that lady thought you just sprayed the whole seat!!! I applaud you for saying nothing. I would have been coming out and declaring all the way to the door, "I promise I didn't do that. It was already there!" That's what I do after I come out of a bathroom that stunk when I went in. :) Ha!

LOVE your random thought. I totally agree. I've always wondered about that too. I feel the same way about sorority or fraternity tatoos. Do you get them so that when you're old you can remind yourself of which one you were in??? :)

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

I totally did $1 pregnancy tests and Kelly D. was the one who told me about them. And the David Letterman interview was hysterical. I heard about it on the radio today, but was so glad to see it. Precious.
And I think T and A would be hilarious! hahaha