Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Good day, folks! Time for another round of my completely strange and random thoughts. Be warned that at some point some of my random thoughts will probably repeat themselves. Reason being, I still don't have answers to some things, and until I get those answers, I will keep thinking about them.
Here goes:Today, as it was raining, I got out of the car and was heading into work. I turned around to look at the car and wondered why in the world our headlights have wipers on them. I don't get it. Why do headlights need wipers? I'm pretty sure ours don't work, but nevertheless, why are they there in the first place? Who thought of that idea? "You know, that car needs something. about wipers for the headlights? YES! Definitely, that's just what it needs!" Baffles me.

Tuesday night on the news, I saw a story about a funeral director who is being prosecuted for the abuse of a corpse (or something like that). Apparently this guy held on to a dead body for two years, and when it started stinking, he moved it from one location to another. He led the family to believe their loved one had been cremated, but he never was. Hmmm...remember when this was a big story a year or two ago? That guy ( a different "that" guy) had done this with lots of bodies? Ok, how can you trust that you have your loved ones remains when they are cremated? I've seen stories of how some places will sweep up any old ashes and give them to you. That kind of freaks me out a bit. I mean, a lot of people cremate their animals. Maybe I'm skeptical from all the news stories, but if places are doing this with human remains, I definitely wouldn't trust that I had my beloved hamster's remains in my little urn. This really has me thinking. I need to get over my cremation concerns because I have family that wants to be cremated. It's always in the back of my mind, though, that while we think we have Uncle Frank, we may have someone else's Aunt Suzie.

Guess what, folks?! According to an email I received this week, Walgreens now carries Snuggies. That's right. No longer do we have to order over the phone or online and wait for our shipment. We can now head down to our local Walgreens and pick one up. The only thing is, I bet you don't get the two for one deal, and I really bet you don't get the awesome book lights with it. Hmm...better order one online. I need that booklight!

I have a confession to make. I'm not a big hand-holder. I like to hold my boys' hands, but other than that, I'm pretty hands-free. I'm not even big on holding Channing's hand. It's just not my thing. Channing and I once visited a church when we first moved to town, and I didn't want to go back because they made everyone hold hands (from the way things were done, it sounded like this was a regular Sunday morning occurrence). I know it's strange, but it just makes me uncomfortable. Our pastor has everyone hold hands during a prayer on Wednesday nights. I haven't quit going yet, but it does stress me out a bit. There are so many reasons that it makes me uncomfortable, far too many to list, but the bottom line is, it just kind of stresses me. Ok, it's out there, I feel better.

While I'm making confessions, I have to get this off my chest too. This one will probably really make you think bad of me. Here last week at church, I had a hard time worshiping because I was so distracted by a woman a couple of rows up. She was dancing, and I mean DANCING. That's not strange to me. It doesn't bother me at all. I groove a little myself. The Bible says to worship by shouting, dancing, etc. Got it. What distracted me was that she was totally dancing to her own beat. I mean, the songs were slow, and she was getting it. I mean, WAY fast dancing, to some beat that I certainly couldn't pick up from the worship band. I tried to ignore it, but like a train wreck, my eyes were just drawn to it. Fortunately, someone came to our row, and we had to scoot down. That moved me from being directly behind her. After that, I was fine, free to worship. In her defense, the Bible says to worship with a "joyful noise". I'm pretty sure my singing sounds far from joyful. I'm sure if she had to hear my singing, she would be distracted too. It's THAT bad. :)

I totally forgot to include this a couple of week's back, but when we were at Disney World, I saw a woman...a GROWN woman...wearing a NKOTB t-shirt. That's right, a New Kids on the Block t-shirt. I was shocked. I mean, I know they're "back" and everything, but to see an adult woman wearing one of their shirts kind of threw me for a loop. Yeah, I'm not quite ready to venture back there myself.

I have a question for moms who have been pregnant with both boy and girl babies. Were you more emotional with girls? You see, when I carried my boys, I had mood swings, but nothing like I've had with this girl. It has been CRAZY! I am totally not myself. Some days are more normal than others. There are some days, though, where I am off the deep end for the entire day. Everything makes me frustrated and stresses me out. I don't know if it's just this pregnancy, if it's the normal stresses of being a mother of two already, or what, but it's really really strange. Someone help me out here. Did you notice a difference in your mood while carrying a boy vs. carrying a girl? To combat it, I'm making sure to take my tuna omega supplements and get lots of exercise.

While I'm on the subject of my pregnancy, I had someone ask me yesterday if I was pregnant. She hadn't seen me in a while and didn't know I was expecting. She said she didn't want to say anything about my belly but could see it in my face. Yeah, that one kind of hit me. She is so sweet, and I'm sure didn't mean anything by it, but if it were you, would you assume she meant that your face was fat? Yeah, that kind of brought me back to reality. So no, it's not just my belly that's getting big, it's my face too. BUMMER!

I own like two ponytail holders. I used to have more, but somehow, I've managed to lose them all. I have no idea how, but I always manage to lose them. If they don't get lost, they get super stretched out. The two I own now are neon green (oh yeah, it matches ALL my clothes) and brown. I really should buy more, but I always forget. So when I can't find one of my two, I get a little stressed. If you ever see me at Target or Wal-Mart (you probably won't run into me at Wal-Mart. I usually try to avoid that place like the plague), would you remind me to pick some up. You have NO idea how helpful that would be. If I keep forgetting, I may have to venture over to Brandi's for some scrunchies! :)

Ok, that's all I've got for this week. How about you? Any random thoughts to share? If so, please leave them for me. They make my day!!!


shlane said...

Have you noticed on the Snuggie commercial the guy sitting in his chair all snuggled up? He scares me. He looks like a cult member. I've kept that one to myself until my MIL mentioned it when it came on the other day.

NKOTB is back? That's crazy! I pulled out my old Barbie dolls for Kendal and found my Joey and Jordan dolls. How do you explain an earring and rattail to a 4 year old?

annieck said...

Thanks for the laugh, Sarah! You crack me up!
Ok, I'm going to have to specifically look for that guy because all the people in that commercial are strange. The whole thing is just hilarious. Next time it's on, I'm looking for that guy. :)

Your NKOTB thing...hilarious! How in the world do you explain a rat tail and earring to a four year old?! Good luck with that one!
As for them making their comeback, I saw their video on some morning show, and it left a lot to be desired. Of course, that's just my opinion. Any time you see 30 and 40 year old men called NKOTB, you have to kind of question, I think. :)

Eve said...

About ponytail holders, just wait until your little girl is wearing them! I promise you, Genna has rarely worn the same one twice. Sometimes she takes them out herself and throws them on the floor (and I notice hours later that her hair has been taken down), or I take it out and put it on some random table in the house for it never to be seen again.

Brandi said...

You want a purple schrunchie or a mustard yellow? I've got both, I think. :)

mjs said...

I love your random thoughts, Annie. I wish I had something equally intriguing to offer :)

Sellars said...

about the ponytail holders im the same way but if you are at Target sometimes they have them hanging in the checkout lane. i actually got some the other b/c i was looking at stuff waiting in line and i thought i need wonderful

dev said...

okay, so this is going to be totally random, but you HAVE to see this video! i immediately thought of you and the way you laugh when people fall. there is a bridesmaid that is trying her best to sound concerned, but can't hold back a laugh! soooooooooo funny!!

i couldn't find your email, so here's the link...

ATinkLife said...

one the subject of girl vs. boy pregnancies...Oh, they are so different! With Mercy I was on a roller coaster, giddy, crying, laughing, sad, etc., especially the last three months. With John I was more mellow, tired, and blah. The food cravings were polar opposites, too. Fruit, dairy products, salads, no meat or coffee with Mercy, hot dogs w/ mustard (I hated mustard prev.), lots of chocolate, veggies, steak steak steak, and cereal. It is amazing how each one is different.

The Greenfields said...

annie- love your random thoughts!
by the way, i am actually watching the david letterman interview with joaquin phoenix right now (david letterman comes on at 7:30 am here and it's always a few weeks behind). How AWKWARD!!! it made me think of you when it came on. i feel uncomfortable just watching it!