Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

What a quick week...just the kind I like! It's already Thursday, and I couldn't be more thrilled! NO WORK TOMORROW!!! Woo hoo! Since it's Thursday, that means it's time for you to take a little peek inside my head and to the strange thoughts that have been going through it this week.
What is the big deal about this DTV switch? I am over the commercials and constant warnings. I mean, they even have CLASSES FOR THIS THING! It's such a big deal, President Obama delayed the switch because apparently the year that Bush gave everyone wasn't enough time for everyone to get prepared. What? If you haven't figured it out by now, you're probably not going to. Listen, people, tv is switching to digital. Either get a digital tv set, get a converter box, or subscribe to cable. SIMPLE. I should get paid for that.

Last weekend at the lake, three ducks made Channing's parents' home their one stop shop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Seriously, at every mealtime, we would hear ducks quacking. We would look over the deck, and there they were...the three amigos, ready for their feast. Tristan thought it would be a good idea to name them. There were two males and one female, and we named the female "Minnie". Then, Tristan named the other two. The first male, he named "Spicy"...ok, Spicy...whatever. The second male, he gave a more "colorful" name, a name we quickly had to change (which totally confused him). He named the second male "Horny". Yeah, for some reason, we didn't think it would be a good idea for our five year old to be yelling, "Hey, Horny!" over the balcony three times a day. After some coaxing, Tristan changed the duck's name. His new name became "Feather".

Did you watch the premiere of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" on Monday night? I will admit, I did watch it. However, I was so uncomfortable. I felt like I was invading on personal family issues. I felt guilty watching it. It's a train wreck and is so incredibly heartbreaking. I mean, to publicly go through your marital problems on national television just seems wrong to me. I feel for those kids, I feel for the couple. I don't know if and what of the rumors are true and probably never will, but heart aches for that family.

Jay Leno has two nights left on "The Tonight Show". Is anyone else sad about this? I admit, I don't regularly watch the show. I watch it every now and then (I'm more of a David Letterman fan), but's Jay's his show. I like Conan O'Brian ok but feel like they're pushing Jay out too soon. I mean, even David Letterman talks about how Jay totally knocks his ratings out of the water. Hope NBC is making the right decision.

Is there such a thing as "permanent pregnancy"? I'm wondering because I feel like I'm currently suffering from it. I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER and that there is no end in sight. I have shown zero progress (according to my doctor), and I'm just wondering if anything will ever change. The only thing that seems to be changing is that I now have CONSTANT heartburn (probably as a result of my stomach that sits on my legs all the time), my clothes are ill-fitting, and I get very little sleep. I will eventually have this baby, right?

So last week, I was dealing with PUPPP. Thankfully, my boys' prayers and Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap has almost completely cleared it up. Seriously, it's a miracle! My doc was pretty shocked and impressed. Supposedly, there is no cure for this stuff. Well, we have found the cure, for me at least. Thanks, boys, for your constant prayers (Asher was so sweet, he would constantly come up and ask to pray for my belly, and Tristan would always remember at bedtime)!

I had a great week at Publix last week. I spent $50 and saved $120. I was totally ethical about it, used their store sales and coupons and didn't just stick to processed foods. I got fresh fruits and veggies too. I LOVE PUBLI
X! $170 worth of groceries for $50!!! YEA!

So with Tristan, I did a completely natural childbirth, absolutely no drugs. It was tough, but I was so proud of myself when it was all said and done. Asher's birth was induced (because he was eight days late) and was much more difficult to go sans epidural (I went w/o one for eight hours and finally gave up). With the impending birth (should I not be permanently pregnant), I am hoping for another successful natural childbirth. With natural childbirth, I realize that a lot of people think I'm crazy. Yeah, it's painful, but I think a lot of people think it's crazy because of the way some natural childbirth people present themselves. And by that, I mean in the nude. Seriously, what is up with people thinking they have to be in their noodles (a family term for being in the buff) to deliver their children without drugs? With Tristan, we did the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, and all through the videos and books, the women were in their noodles. Not only that, but the men were in speedos and NO SHIRTS. What in the world?! Not necessary. Then, this past weekend, I finally got around to watching "The Business of Being Born" (GREAT movie if you want to know the history of childbirth in America, and if you're at all interested in natural childbirth). I enjoyed it but was turned off by the whole "natural childbirth/noodle show". One woman in the whole movie had a shirt on when she delivered. Listen, people. I delivered Tristan with my hospital gown on. There was no requirement to give up all my clothes in order to go without an epidural. So if that's holding you back, don't let it. :)

I am so in love with my boys. My two year old is currently running around upstairs wearing jammy shorts, no shirt, a fireman's hat, and a Wiggles light up flashing toy. LOVE it!

Ok, that's all I've got for this week. My thoughts are pretty much revolved around this pregnancy and childbirth. I have the same thoughts over and over, so I am pleading for you to share your random thoughts. Give my readers something to smile about. :)


Lindsey said...

hey annie. i don't know if you remember me or not. i went to troy, was a KD and i think a year or two older than you (my name then was lindsey phillips). anyway, i came across your blog probably from donna, or hillary, but i've been reading and finally wanted to say hi. i also am pregnant with my third, a boy (i already have a girl and a boy). and i think we might be due around the same time--june 16th for me. i definitely feel your pain with being pregnant forever. and i've had no progress yet either. i had an epidural with both, but the first i went in to labor on my own and the second was induced. i don't want to be induced this time either!! and i wouldn't mind trying without medicine b/c i'm thinking it will be pretty fast once it starts. okay, i've rambled enough for now. just wanted to say hello.

Jeremy and Michelle said...

watched jon & kate as well and felt the same. I think if I worked at TLC I would have to quit - Jon & Kate need to shut their mouths and their doors and try and save their marriage and if not TLC needs to pull the plug - which will never happen! I can't watch anymore - it's too much for me.
Ugh on the pregnancy lasting forever. I'm at 15 weeks and feeling really good but I dread those last couple of weeks - so long! Funny about the whole nudity/natural thing. I have never even considered the natural route but I have been considering it with #3 since my labors & deliveries are relatively quick and easy - My practice at Brookwood now does water births - which I've seen many of on TLC :) but you can only deliver in the water - not labor - which (from what I've learned from "A Baby Story" is the best to do) and if I do the water birth I will be nude outside of a tshirt or something. Not really feeling it yet but I am considering it and doing some research! Good luck to you and little Rhianna - she'll be here before you know it!!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

why DOES pregnancy last forever???? i guess it's good we forget all about that when we see what's on the other end.

the jon and kate stuff is awful! i can't believe they are going to do another season! i would really like to see them make it.

you are so right about the natural birth fans and their obsession with nudity! i thought that was odd about "the business of being born" we watched it last year and if i remember i kept telling nate not to look!

anyway, we'll pray you don't have to be induced and it will all go smoothly! i can't wait to see what she looks like and it's fun to imagine you with a girl!

ATinkLife said...

yea, thursday's randomness is finally here! first of all I totally agree about Jon and Kate; if they have to pull the plug to save their marriage then so be it. I will applaud them from the front row. I hope they do survive it, since they have made such a stand about being Christians and their kids deserve it, too.
On the natural childbirth thing, I have never been interested because I do not tolerate pain well and can't hold out past five cm on either births. I think those that can are awesome amazon women, but that's not for me. However, I am totally put off by the nudity and the screaming in the shows! I remember one woman yelling like a foghorn with a way too small tube top on and nothing else. shiver! If you want to go that route, please don't film it! That is worse than barging in on Jon and Kate's privacy!

jenniferbernheim said...

Annie - kudos to you for having a "natural" childbirth! You're my inspiration for next time. Last time 14 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing out a 9 pound baby didn't lend itself to natural childbirth! My OB promised me that next time will be easier - easier for him I'm sure :)

BASSakward Tales said...

hi annie..i found your blog through becky tucker...yes i am stalking...but i had to tell you that i took my kids to the anniston museum of natural history a few months ago...when we walked in to see the exhibit..there was a large horned owl in an 8 year old says, "how cute is he...we should name him horny" love the blog...

tarheelmom said...

Hello, it's tarheelmom...I stopped by for some thoughts! Your thoughts on Jon & Kate were nearly VERBATIM the things I've been saying. It was so uncomfortable to watch. I hope they quit the show and save their marriage. The money is not worth it.
Also, I just had my third last month. I thought the third pregnancy lasted FOREVER! He was my third with no, as you know, it can be done! And I wasn't in the gown 2 times and t-shirt another! I love using "noodle" for nude! I might have to steal that!
Good luck with the new baby...3 is a handful, but a blessing.

Donna said...

Oh that third pregnancy never ends- it really drags on- but it is so worth it to meet your princess! Was SO SAD about jon and kate- I didn't see them say one thing that seemed hopeful that they will try to work it out. We should definitely NOT be watching them do this- and sadly, their kids will watch this one day.

The Hoppers said...

Woohoo on saving money at Publix! I saved $182 last week. Paid $39. I am sure they love me there!:) And I think the DTV commercials are annoying as well. In this day and age, there are probably 3 people that don't have cable or a digital TV or anything of that sort. They are probably in my hometown though.:) Sending labor prayers your way!!!!!!

holly said...

good job at Publix! and been praying for you lots about this 3rd natural birth. you know my 1st was natural, 2nd c-section, and 3rd natural...and fast! so my prayer is that you will have a beatiful natural birth this time like I did. thanks for your sweet note in the mail by the way!