Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blog: Take 2, or Maybe 3...hmmmm.....

Ok, so at some point last year I created a blog and then in typical "Annie fashion", I stopped blogging and completely forgot how to access my blog. I mean, between the info I needed to remember for my ebay account, email, pottery barn website, myspace, facebook, and all the other random websites and passwords, I just lost my blog into the big black hole. Since I lost my original blog, I have posted a few blogs on my myspace page.
Recently, I've had some friends start blogging on this site, and I always read them and want to leave comments, but as I stated earlier I had forgotten how to access my blog. I tried several passwords and sign in names, but they didn't work. Well, somehow today...guess what?! I found one that worked! Wow! So now I can leave comments and actually have a name. It's a miracle!
I do not intend to be a "real" blogger. It would just become an even larger distraction for myself (I already find so many other reasons not to clean). too, I have one of those prehistoric computers from 1997 that doesn't allow me to upload pictures. So, in order to be a great blogger with cute photos, I would have to jump through huge hoops to get new pictures on every day. And as those of you who know me know...I'm not in the best shape right now and am not ready to be jumping through hoops! ;)
Right now, I'm just super excited not to be labeled as anonymous anymore. :)