Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm feelin' kinda shaky!

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So the season started like this... everyone had low expectations. We were coming off another coaching change, probation, and a fifth loss to our #1 rival. You may have guessed...I'm talking about Alabama football. I tried to start the season with low expectations. You know, we probably won't win many, but this is a year of rebuilding. We've got a great coach and a lot of promise on our team. We'll be better next year, and the year after that, everyone better watch out! And you know, I was content with that. But did things work out that way? NOOOOOOOOOOOO! They had to go and win some games and look pretty good doing it. So I start getting excited! Maybe this is our year! Then along comes the Georgia game. I was there! I had to watch them go down in a blaze of glory (ok, maybe not, but it sounded good) in overtime. Oh my aching heart! What happened to my winning team?!
It was ok, though because there was always next week. I mean Georgia was a good team (or so I thought at the time). It was just a fluke, one game. Then along came Florida State the very next weekend. They beat us 14-21. I mean, it was FLORIDA STATE! They have stunk all year! Ok, so at this point I became resolved to the fact that this just isn't our year. And I was ok with that. Again, it's a year of rebuilding. We've got a great coach and a lot of promise on our team. We'll be better next year, and the year after that, everyone better watch out! Did it stay that way? It would have been easier if it would have, but no...it didn't!
Along came Houston (ok, easy team...should win anyway) and Ole Miss (no offense Ole Miss Mom, but this just isn't their year, so I wasn't worried about them. I felt we should have beat them by more, but we didn't, we stunk!). We won both games, and I started to get a little excitement back. Then came the big one...TENNESSEE!!! For those of you who follow SEC college football, you know the air between UT and UA isn't good. They have always been a heated rivalry and the fact that many UA fans blame Coach Phil Folmar for some of the trouble we got into a few years back hasn't helped matters much.
Well what happened? We ended up winning, and not just winning, we wiped the mat with UT!!! UA beat them 41-17!!! What a great feeling! Well, yes and no.
Now we get ready to face LSU, definitely a formidable opponent. Before the last three games, I said that there was NO way we could beat LSU. No way! Of course, I started the season believing LSU would not lose a game and that Alabama would lose many. So far, I was wrong about both. Now I enter this weekend with excitement, dread, and extreme nervousness. What will happen when the corn dogs (ha! ha! morningsong. That was just for you!) come to town? It is known that the LSU fans really despise Nick Saban right now ( which I'm kind of confused on. I mean, he left LSU to pursue what he thought was his dream...to coach in the NFL. He got there, realized it wasn't what he thought it would be, LSU had Les Miles, and UA offered him lots of dough. Where's the controversy? I know he wasn't very forthright with Miami about leaving, but how does that affect LSU. I don't get it.), so I'm sure it will be a game filled with tension. I'm just glad my kids and I won't be there. At these kinds of games: where they're late afternoon or evening, there is a lot of tension and bad feelings, and it's such a huge game for both teams, there are sure to be lots of yelling, cursing, and fighting. I love football, but I can do without all of that.
In closing, I say...ROLLLLLLLLL TIDE! I believe in you, Bama! You can do this!!!


MorningSong said...

I think I liked things better BEFORE you had a blog! :)

I do know how you feel on the roller coaster ride this season. We were winning with little effort at the beginning of the season and I was content with being #2 UNTIL we became #1. Then my stress level was out of this world. Every game was so tense.

On the Saban issue. He left us to go to Miami. Understood that! But being a dear coach to us, being our hero and all... HOW IN THE WORLD COULD HE COACH ONE OF OUR RIVALS????????????????????????????? That is the beef. He could have gone ANYWHERE but within the SEC. That is the problem! IT is a HUGE problem. Now he just may make Alabama decent. That stinks! We were fine with your losing record. We were fine with your self-defeat. HOW could Saban turn on us and help one of our enemies.

Love you even though you are an SEC enemy! :)

annieck said...

You're so funny! I love that you love football! I don't feel so alone in the mommy world. :)
Your reason for not liking Saban is exactly what Channing said. Thank you for clearing it up! I had this discussion with him today, and he said it was probably because he went to one of LSU's rivals. He's a pretty smart guy! :)
Should be a fun game this weekend...should be. ;)

MorningSong said...

I love you IF bama wins but I will love you even bigger WHEN LSU wins! :) Glad you took that first comment with the love intended! haha I agree. I always hated to go watch games with friends b/c 90% of the women wanted to talk in the kitchen. WHAT???!! I want to watch the game! haha Fun to you this weekend!

Yes, Channing is a smart man! :)

annieck said...

Ha! Time will tell, my friend! :) Enjoy the game! :)