Sunday, October 28, 2007

Today's Bible Lesson

I picked up Tristan from his Sunday school class today, and he was so excited to share what he learned. He pulled out his Lil' K and asked if he could read it to me. Of course, I enthusiastically told him yes. This is what he "read":

There was a thousand of people. They were very hungry. The cycles were very hungry. Their tummies were about to burp. The cycles told Jesus everyone needed to go home, but a little boy said he would share his lunch. Jesus was very proud of the little boy and was happy. Jesus shared the food and everyone was happy.

I thought it was so cute! Let me decode his story: When he said a thousand of people, what he meant was thousands of people. When he said the cycles were very hungry, he meant to say disciples. When he said their tummies were about to burp, he meant their tummies were about to growl. And of course the story he was sharing was the story out of John 6:1-14 where Jesus used a little boys five loaves of bread and two fish to share and feed thousands.
I love to hear his take on things!


Rachael said...

That is precious, Annie!!! I love it! How awesome that he really understood the lesson!!