Thursday, October 25, 2007

We fell off the wagon.

So remember how I told you everything was going well with my three year old. Remember? He was happy, obedient, helpful, the tantrums had stopped. Sound familiar? Well all came CRASHING DOWN! I saw it coming. It came slowly, but it came. Let me catch you up.
Monday night, Tristan was in bed at 8:30. He slept great, woke up the next morning a new child, a child who quickly obeyed my instruction, no whining, no complaining, no meltdowns. He was mannerly and thankful. Ok, well on Tuesday night he got to bed around 8:40 (do you see the slip, the decline). Due to his excitement about the slumber party with Mommy and Daddy, he had some trouble falling asleep. He actually fell asleep around 9. The result on Wednesday was a pretty happy child. Still no meltdowns and tantrums. His obedience was not as great as Tuesday but was still going well (I guess you could say it was "First-time and twenty seconds obedience". ~If you've taken GKGW, you know what I'm talking about). Then there was last night. Last night was church night, and despite my best efforts, we were there FOREVER!
I kept the nursery, and it usually takes a while to get out of there, but not last night. Things were going well. The babies were picked up quickly, the room was cleaned in a snap, I had both boys, and we were ready to go. So we go out to our normal wait spot, and there's no Channing. From the safety of my wait spot, I searched the hall in hopes of finding Channing and Lance (someone we were giving a ride home) so that we could head home while we still had a chance of getting Tristan in bed before 10 ( you see the BIG decline?!). They were nowhere to be found. AAAAGH! My heart rate is rising. The lack of sleep from the night before is really starting to affect me, and I'm thinking I might have a melt down. Finally after about 15 minutes, someone directs me to my husband. We clear up the misunderstanding (that's a whole 'nother blog) ;), wait a few more minutes for Lance, and head out.
After the puddle jumping (yes, Tristan thought it would be a good idea to jump in puddles, in the cold weather, in his jammies!), stops on the way home, unloading of the car, changing of jammies, brushing of teeth, and inevitable meltdown (Tristan's), we finally got our three year old into bed. Time? AFTER 11!!! AAAAGH!
Result? This morning, I had a whiny, tantrum-throwing three year old who demanded, yes demanded, to watch a witch on t.v. (we don't do the witch thing), to stay home and skip school, to pull his brothers legs until he cried, and to lolly-gag on the way to the car (as we were running late for school).
This morning was complete confirmation that he needs his sleep. Tonight, that boy will be in bed EARLY!!!
As you can see in the picture above (a picture taken a few months back), he is a boy that konks out. He only needs parents who are willing to make his sleep habits a priority. Sleep is so important and affects so many aspects of health and well-being. Pray for me as I strive to put his needs as a top priority! Maybe if I get that going, Asher will decide to sleep too! ;)


Rachael said...

I wondered how last night would go. On the way home from church I was thinking about you because I knew you guys had to take Lance home and you normally get home late anyway. SORRY it was so rough. I was thinking of starting choir tonight but am having second thoughts because I would have to take Josiah and he REALLY does not need to be rewarded with playing today.

MorningSong said...

WOW!! THat is why WEd night church is touch and go for us. We go when the kids can handle it, otherwise we drive home with 2 kids in fits!

Glad I found your blog and you remembered your passwords! LOL!

Welcome back!

Devan said...

Hi! Just found your blog. :) I can totally relate to the bedtime thing. My girls behave the best when we have them in bed between 7:30 and 8pm. If we miss that window we are just about guaranteed and extra hour just to get them in bed and a fussy morning. It's counterintuitive, but they tend to sleep longer the earlier I get them down. Like last night, my 15-month-old was down by 7pm and woke me up at 7:20 this morning. If she goes down past 8pm, she's up no later than 6am.

We have a lot going on during the week with band practice and Wed. nights, so we don't get them down that early as often as I'd like. It's so hard to find that balance!

Good luck and sorry for the novel!