Sunday, March 1, 2009

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Disney~Part 2

So after our yummy ummy delicious breakfast at O'Hana, the boys and I headed to Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are our personal family favorites. Since we love Magic Kingdom so much, we spent the whole day there. This day also happened to be my actual 30th birthday. If I had realized, at the time, that we were going to spend the whole day there, I would have taken advantage of the Disney deal where you get a FREE park visit on your birthday. I never printed my pass out because I was sure we would park hop. Well, we didn't, and I wasted a free ticket. BUMMER! Oh well. We had a blast anyway.

Here is a shot of Tristan and me on the Dumbo ride. Tristan is a good driver. :)
This trip, we actually got to ride the race cars (well, Tristan and Channing did. Since I am pregnant, it isn't recommended that I ride this ride). I got to watch, though. That was fun. On our other trips, the line for this ride was always so long, we just always skipped it. This trip was great, though, because the parks were not nearly as busy as the last two. Woo hoo!
Saturday night,we enjoyed a super duper fabulous dinner at Boma (I highly recommend. Seriously, the food was AWESOME!). Boma was located at our hotel, and it was a huge African-inspired buffet. The food was amazing. Even Tristan loved it. And since it was my birthday, I got a card from the servers, and this extra special dessert. I had already eaten dessert, and I'm not a huge chocolate fan, so I let my boys enjoy it. :) After dinner, we headed back to Magic Kingdom to watch the Magic Lights Parade and fireworks. The fireworks were so incredibly beautiful, and it was really cool to see Tinkerbell fly from the top of Cinderella's Castle (ok, this was a real person, and that is one high castle. There is NO way I could ever do that. She was attached to a cord, but oh my! Scary).Sunday was our last day at Disney. It was a quick trip, and we fit in as much as possible. We started Sunday with a character breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. We tried all week to get reservations, but they were always full. Lucky for us, though, we just showed up, and they fit us in. YEA!!!
Here is a shot of my boys enjoying their breakfast. Notice Tristan has a musical instrument in his hand. The characters, and some of the patrons, were doing a parade through the restaurant. Tristan was way more interested in eating but made a little music on the side. :)A visit from Daisy:And Goofy:And since it's Donald's Tusker House, of course, he was there:A family shot with the host:And you always have to have a picture with Mickey!After a great breakfast at Tusker House, we decided to spend our last day at Animal Kingdom. First up, the Kilimanjaro Safari. This is one of our most favorite rides. You see so many animals, right outside your jeep. VERY cool! Here is a shot of the crocodiles. SCARY!!!Some of the African elephants:These trees are so impressive! I forget the actual name of the trees, but they're upside down trees. They look like their roots are coming out the top. I think they're beautiful!Reticulated giraffe. We had these at our hotel too. Incredibly beautiful:I think this is a kudu:Here is a shot of our family in front of the Tree of Life. It's at the center of Animal Kingdom and is really cool. It's got animals cut into the tree. Really neat!Ok, so at one point, I think after seeing the tigers, Tristan wanted to stop by a store. Mind you, it was our last day at Disney, and he wanted to spend his time playing with the store's dragons. Oh yeah. Just what every parent dreams of when they dream of taking their kids to Disney World...their kids wanting to watch tv or play with dragons. Grrrrreat.Here he is in his "sombrero". Yes, I know it's not a sombrero, and I told him several times that it wasn't a sombrero, but I don't think he believed me. Oh well.Here are my boys in Asia. This was taken right after seeing the gorgeous tigers, which we somehow missed on both our last trips. How? I have no idea.Ok, this was the coolest thing! Tristan told me his friend, D, from school was going to be at Disney during the same time, but I didn't really believe it. Well guess what?! As we were getting ready to leave Animal Kindgom, I heard a man say, "Tristan". I was sure it was someone who had heard me calling Tristan's name and asking him to speed up. I turned around, and I saw D's mom and dad. CRAZY! We could not believe that we ran into them. I mean, talk about small world!One last shot from our balcony before we checked out. A shot of my boys at the hotel in front of the animal exhibit:This was some big structure in the hotel lobby. It had something to do with Africa. It was really cool, so I had to get a shot. Of course, Tristan just wanted to get back to his favorite spot...Yep, this was Tristan's favorite spot...the t.v!The flight home...Tristan was exhausted! He passed out before we were fully in the air. One minute, he was watching the takeoff, next minute, this is what he was doing:All in all, this was a super quick but super great trip! It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with Tristan, doing what he wanted to do. You know, I figured he would be so excited to have a weekend focused solely on him, but he really missed Asher. Several times, he said, "I wish Asher was here. He would love seeing that." Or "I wish Asher was here. He really likes Mickey Mouse." Stuff like that. It was really really sweet. See, he does love his brother after all. :)

GREAT trip!


The Hairston's said...

I love ALL the pictures! What a great way to spend your birthday!

Brandi said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I don't know why anyone would ever want to be Tinkerbell and fly out of that castle. The thought of it terrifies me. I'm a big chicken I guess, or maybe just sane, who knows!

Lucy said...

Your pics make me excited for our trip in May! (We already have reservations for Tusker House bfast, so I'm glad to see the boys will get to meet all those characters!) Tristan's so sweet to miss his little brother!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

great pics and it looks like it was a ton of fun. glad you got to do something so special