Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Great Coupon-Filing System

Being the HUGE procrastinator that I am, I do all my coupon collecting, list-making, and shopping on Tuesdays (the day before most of the sales change). I always consult becentsable.blogspot.com before making my lists because they have so many people who have already found the deals and pass the info along ( I LOVE it!). Anyway, for those of you who are like me and hate having to flip through coupon after coupon to find what you're looking for (even if you do have an accordion organizer), becentsable has a great filing system on their site. Check it out.

A friend of mine (thanks, Bonnie!) sent an email about using the notebook system a few weeks ago, and I thought it was a fantastic idea...much better for my ADD mind that an accordion organizer. However, today's post shows you exactly how to organize it in an effective way.

Now I need to head out and get my supplies! This method will keep me from clipping and filing and rummaging. Much better for me!

I found some great deals at Walgreens and CVS at becentsable. If you haven't already, check it out. I'm getting free Venus Razors, Soleil razor systems (I should have some smooth legs!), Glade candles, etc. You can too!
My great friend, Rachael, is getting some great deals. Check her out too!


MorningSong said...

Save save save!! Isn't it fun to save money??


Rachael said...

I have got to check her system out. Right now, I have an old recipe box with dividers separating all of my coupons and I just carry that around with me. I am not liking it though because I have to stop and thum through all of the coupons when I am out shopping...it's time consuming. I am OPEN for suggestions!