Monday, March 31, 2008

Tristan's Very First T-Ball Game

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, Saturday was a SUPER exciting day for our family. It was Tristan's very first t-ball game, and we were all filled with anticipation. We had no idea what the game had in store for us, and had we known it would be so hilarious, I think we would have been even more excited (if that is possible).
So we got to the park, and of course had to get started with some warm ups. Here is my handsome husband with my little t-ball star (isn't my t-ball star SO precious?!). It appears my little star was getting his pants adjusted in between catching ground balls.Here is my handsome hubby supporting his star t-ball player.Before the game got started, Coach D had to make some adjustments with some of the players."On the count of three...1, 2, 3...GOOOOOOOOOOOO CARDINALS!!!"Ok, let me take a break here to tell you about this game. Hilarious doesn't even begin to describe what we experienced during our hour of t-ball Saturday. Watching our boys run and tackle their teammates to get the ball...priceless! I mean, I wasn't sure if I was watching football or t-ball! Our first baseman was in left field, on more than one occasion, to retrieve a ball hit by the opposing team. More than one of our children were tackled by a teammate, only to have the ball stripped from his glove and thrown to a base with no player. The Marlins ran circles around us!

The thing is, our team was on defense first. All of this tackling, playing in the wrong area, and throwing when they should be tagging was going on; however, I was telling myself: "They're four. They don't know any better. It's just for fun." Um, yeah. Then, it was our turn at bat. We hit great, no problem there. The problem was that the Marlins had an awesome defense! The boys stayed in their zones, and they ran and tagged our bases like it was just another day at the beach. Seeing that made me realize our precious boys have some more to learn! I think this week's practice is going to be busy!

Here is a shot of my precious man at third base. He's baseball ready! Oh, and I must mention, my Tristan was the only boy on the team to successfully catch a ground ball and tag someone out (unless I missed something) . Way to go, Tristan!Here he is getting ready for his turn at bat.
Look at that stance! He is my little pro! He had three times at bat during the game, and hit three great balls...all on his first attempts! All that extra practice is paying off. Here he is on first. You guessed it. He's thinking about stealing second. Ok, so we all know that's not what he's thinking. He's probably thinking about that sno cone we passed on the way into the game!I LOVE this shot! My sweet #2!!! I originally requested #10 because Channing was always #10 growing up. I thought it would be cool for them to share that. My cool idea didn't work out. Somehow things got confused, and Tristan ended up #2. I think it suits him, though. :)
Here he is on third, getting some pointers from D.
The end of the game. The boys were SO precious tagging the other team's hands. I LOVED this!!!
Saturday was SO much fun!!! I am loving every second of this t-ball stuff. Tristan is enjoying it so much more than he did soccer, so that makes me happy. I love seeing him do something he enjoys, and something that he seems to do well at. Sadly, we'll miss this week's practice, game, and TEAM PICTURE (that's what hurts the most) because we'll be at Disney World. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to be going, but I am so sad that Tristan will miss a game and his first t-ball team picture. :( Oh well. I guess I'll have to take my own.


MorningSong said...

SO FUN!! You are all making me anxious to get JB plugged in! I think he will be busting!!! :) I cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you did get a team shot a few posts down! Maybe not the official one but... Disney will be too fun to even think about the team picture! :)


The Hairston's said...

So exciting!! Tristan looks like he's having a lot of fun!
I am loving this t-ball thing! They are all so cute out there running around.

Anonymous said...

sooooo cute! these are the days i really look forward to. i don't think they have tball in jordan :) but maybe soccer :)!!


Amy Leigh said...

Girl, these pictures are too awesome! Tristan is seriously going to be a MLB player & I can say that "I knew him when....". You guys are precious! What a beautiful family!