Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Uncle Ryan!

Sunday, after church, we headed over to Uncle Ryan's to help him celebrate his birthday. While we ate lunch, Asher discovered something very interesting...Rhet's doggy door. He was quite intrigued.This is him realizing he could put his hand through the door. "Look! I can put my whole arm through!"
He really liked the doggy door. No matter how many times we moved him away from the door, he zoomed right back. Between eating dog food and loving the doggy door, I'm starting to get a little worried.Tristan's favorite thing about being at Uncle Ryan's house is playing in the backyard with his cousin, MRK. He adores her! Here he is enjoying the great outdoors.Before we knew it, the hat was off and he was ready for his turn down the slide. You can see the excitement written all over his face. He LOVES playing with her!Next, it was MRK's turn. You can tell she's used to having her picture taken. She gave me the perfect smile.After we played in the backyard for a while, Uncle Ryan asked if we all wanted to go play at the park. Of course, the kiddos were thrilled and ready to go.
Up first on the agenda? Blowing bubbles!Tristan getting ready to blow a monster bubble!Next up, football!!! They had so much fun chasing each other with the ball.And of course, tackling! I love that MRK gets dirty and plays football just like the boys! She can throw an elegant tea party or sack a quarterback. I LOVE IT!!!Before we left, the kids wanted to swing together. I think these pictures are so sweet. They had the best time! This is my favorite! Once the kids had all the fun they could stand at the park, we went back to Ryan's house and had my personal favorite...Dairy Queen icecream cake!!! YUM!
Here is a picture of the kids helping Ryan blow out his birthday candle.With the cake eaten and our tummies full, you would think the kids would want to rest. NOPE! They wanted to head back out for some more playtime in the backyard.
One of the highlights was PaPa jumping on the trampoline with them. It was hilarious!!! Check him out. PaPa was catching some air!
After all was said and done, we had a great time. We need more Sundays just like that one. Tristan had a blast, and we did too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNCLE RYAN!!!


MorningSong said...

Wow!! I didn't realize I missed THIS much stuff!!! I kept up with reading last week - how did I miss all these posts??!! What fun for Tristan!! The t-ball and the family fun!! And Asher - he is just as precious as can be!! What a sweetheart - poking his brothers eye that way! :)

Blessings Annie!

Rachael said...

How much fun! I love love love how Asher was so curious about the doggy door...and the pic of him eating dogfood is PRICELESS! Paige use to do that whenever she was his age and I only wish I had the pictures to prove it now. :) It's also so wonderful that Tristan and MRK have each other. I have two cousins who I was soooo close to growing that's only 5mths older than me. We spent every weekend together and it was so great!