Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Back!

I haven't really updated this in a while. Between work, family, and my new blog, I've been super busy lately. I'm hoping to come up with a good system, but some things will just have to go on the back burner. This blog will probably one of those things.

That being said, I am going to try to update this more frequently (because I know so many of you are having sleepless nights since you don't know what the boys and I are up to these days). ;)

Let me start with t-ball. Yesterday, Channing and I were those parents at t-ball practice. You know the kind...those parents that make their kid play despite the crying and screaming. Yep, that was us. I'll catch you up.

Saturday night, Tristan was up late...too late. The next morning, we had to wake him up earlier than usual because we went to an earlier service at church. We went to an earlier service so that we could have lunch with friends and still get Tristan to t-ball in time. BIG MISTAKE letting him stay up late. Not only did he have to get up earlier than usual for a Sunday, but the time changed. We lost an hour! NOT GOOD!

Things were going really well until we got to t-ball practice, aka, his nap time. He immediately started crying and said he didn't want to play. He begged to go home. Channing, his mom, his dad, and I were all there trying to comfort Tristan, encourage him, and get him excited about playing. Nothing was working. The boy was SO UPSET.

So there we were. At t-ball practice, with our crying son, and a dilemma. What to do? Do we take him home? OR Do we make him stick to his commitment and play ball? Knowing Tristan the way we do, we know that he is sometimes dramatic when it comes to not getting his way. We assumed that was what he was doing.

We made our choice. He was staying and playing. It was a tough decision, and I'm sure some of you out there are scolding us for it. I had a friend during last fall's soccer season tell me she was shocked to see a mom make her son play soccer even though he was crying and saying he didn't want to play. She asked me if I could believe that a mom would do that? At the time, I agreed. It seemed like a sports-obsessed mom to me.

This week, I don't see it that way. I became that mom. That mom who was more concerned about her son playing than going home for a nap. At least, that's probably what it looked like.
Channing made the decision for us, and his belief is that Tristan is part of the team, his team depends on him, and he needed to practice. Looking at it from that viewpoint, I had to agree.
So we made Tristan stay and play. He didn't like it, he cried and whined, but every time it was his turn to bat or catch, he peformed at or close to his best. I was so proud of him!!!
Once practice was over, we loaded him up in the car and headed over to the playground (at his request). He played for two minutes then said he wanted to go home. On the way home, he passed out. He was EXHAUSTED! The poor kid!!!

This event served as a STRONG REMINDER that he needs his rest, even if it is a Saturday night. No more late nights for Tristan...I hope! I'm going to do my best to make sure he gets adequate rest and an early bedtime every night. I'm sure there will be nights where it's not possible (since he comes to work with us), but we will certainly do our best.
This week, Tristan has two practices. You better believe he will have more than enough rest before we head to the baseball fields!