Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!

Yesterday was SUPER SUPER tough for me. It was Tristan's official "Last Day of Being Three". We had a jam-packed day, and I was trying to appreciate and get all I could out of every single minute.
We started the day at t-ball practice, followed by a picnic lunch and egg hunt with his team. It was SO much fun (I'll try to post pics later. I know you're dying to see them)!
After the egg hunt, we dashed home, changed Tristan's clothes, and headed out to an egg hunt (we missed the actual hunt) that a local church was doing. Although we missed the actual hunt, Tristan got to play with his great friend, Josiah, so he was thrilled (he also got to see his long-lost friend, Kirsten, so he thought that was cool too).
Once we had all the fun we could possibly stand out at the big egg hunt event, we headed to Sams to get Daddy. From there, we headed to Edgar's Bakery to pick up Tristan's dinosaur cake. He could hardly wait to pick it up!!!
Next, we took Tristan back to the little carnival going on in town. He LOVED it!!!
From there, we went to Target, followed by a quick dessert at Dairy Queen...I must mention, I had the Oreo Mint Blizzard...DELISH! If you haven't tried one, you need to get one while they still have them. Once March is gone, the Mint Blizzard is too. Get yours SOON!!! YUM!
Once our bellies were full, we made quick trips to Walgreens and Wal-Mart.
Finally, we got to go home...where PaPa and MiMi were waiting for us.
This is where this picture comes in. This is Tristan's VERY LAST bath as a three year old. (SOB!)
This morning, we woke up to celebrate EASTER and Tristan's fourth birthday. Two great events rolled into one! What a special blessing Tristan had to celebrate Christ's resurrection and his birthday on the very same day.
Here is Tristan's Easter basket.
Here he is finding his basket. He was beyond thrilled!
Here is Asher, waking up to enjoy his very first Easter.
My sweet boy!
This weekend was JAM-PACKED, but it was so special. Today, we were able to reflect on another great year with our special blessing, Tristan, and on how much Christ gave for us on the cross.
I hope this was a special Easter for you too. I hope you were able to reflect on all Christ has done in your life.
Happy Resurrection Day, everyone!!! God bless you and your family. :)


The Hairston's said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Tristan is officially 4 now =( He's so big!

Anonymous said...

wow, it is crazy how fast your boys are growing up! they are so precious! i love the pics and i am glad you had a nice easter.