Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Probably Shouldn't Share This...

but I will anyway. :) It's just too funny!

A couple of weeks ago, Tristan was blessed with the opportunity to go to the lake with his MiMi, PaPa, and cousin, MRK (who he absolutely loves). He went down, had a blast, and came back to tell us all about it. During his sharing, he filled Channing and me in on some information we didn't know up until that point. I don't know how, but somehow Channing and I managed to get through life without realizing an important "fact" about girls.

Here's the story Tristan shared:

Tristan: Guess where I got to tee, Mommy? (tee- pee, pee)
Me: Where?
Tristan: IN THE LAKE!!! MiMi let me tee in the lake! laughter
Me: Oh, really? Wow. That's a big deal, huh?
Tristan: Yeah, MRK didn't tee in the lake.
Me: Yeah, girls don't tee outside like boys do (ok, like some boys do).
Tristan: Yeah, because girls' tees are their hineys.

Soooo...for those of you out there who had no idea, girls "tees" are their "hineys". Are you as enlightened as Channing and I were???


The Hairston's said...

Hmmm...good to know. I can't believe I've made it through 28 years of life without knowing this info!
You've gotta love his innocence!

LeAnne said...

that is we know, right?