Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My BIG Savings at CVS

Ok, can I just say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some CVS?! I do, I really really do. I don't take drugs, but I love CVS. I love their deals, and I especially love Extra Care Bucks (which my mom told me she "throws away"! Can you believe that?! It's like throwing away real money!).

Anyway, check out my latest deal from CVS.I got all this stuff for (are you ready for this???)...$6.28 out of pocket!!! According to my CVS receipts, by using coupons, ECBs, and by taking advantage of their sales, I saved a total of $210.20!!! The excitement doesn't end there...not only did I get all this for $6.28 oop and save $210.20, I earned $12 in ECBs!!! Woo hoo!!! The thing is, I could have done even better but was eager to get out of there. Despite my rush, I still think I did pretty well. :)

Thanks, CVS, and thanks to all you frugal tipsters out there who taught me all I know!!!

(Ok, so this marks like the fifth post I've done today. I am officially done...probably for a month. Take your time reading! :))


LeAnne said...

WOW, awesome job...can you believe i haven't even been to CVS yet this week. after this post, how can i not go tomorrow??

annieck said...

LeAnne, you must! I'm addicted! :):):)
I started thinking that some people may wonder how this stuff could total more than $200, but the two glucose readers were on sale for $10 (which I got back $10 in ECBs, thus FREE). I think their normal price was like $70 a piece or something like that.
None of us are diabetic, but my aunt is, and if she doesn't need them, we'll donate them. :)

Amy Leigh said...

Annie -- I think you need to get hooked up with Sharon Cook & do the Smart Shopper teaching-- I am so impressed! Way to go! You're like Dave Ramsey's mini me!
Amy Leigh

annieck said...

Amy Leigh, you're too kind. I am such a fledgling learner. I have a loooooooong way to go. I'm enjoying the process, though. :) I LOVE saving $!