Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Our First Weekend of the Summer at the Lake

Last weekend was our first weekend of the summer at the lake, and we had a BLAST!!! Channing's parents (aka MiMi and PaPa) have been dying for us to get down there, and we finally had a free weekend. Yea! They have had lots of construction going on over the past several months as they've had renovations and additions done to their lake house. Friday night was our first night seeing the finished product...

It looks GRRRRRRRREAT!!! Tristan had already seen it and was thrilled to be able to show Channing and me his new room at the lake. As soon as we got there, he had to take us back. It is ADORABLE! The room is for the grand kids and has two twin beds and a bathroom. In true MiMi style, it is decked out in PBK (the new fish bedding...I think it's called Conor?). It is SO SO cute and perfect for little ones! The bathroom is super cute too with two pedestal sinks with white stools in front. The mirrors are from PBK and look fabulous.
They also had additions made in their living room, dining room, and deck. It looks so great and is a perfect weekend getaway.

As you can see in the picture above, Tristan, PaPa, and MRK had LOTS of fun on the Sea Doo (or jet ski as Tristan and PaPa call it). Tristan LOVES to ride it, and, according to PaPa, only knows one speed...FAST! Most times, he wants to drive. Channing said when he drives, the throttle is completely down.

Another favorite at the lake is boat riding. Here are MRK and Tristan ready for us all to get going. They were on a mission to find some ducks. We even had the bags of bread to prove it!
This was Asher's first boat ride (because I'm OCD about life jackets. He was too little for one last year). He wasn't too crazy about the life jacket, so it kind of affected his trip. I think he could do without boat rides if it means wearing that straight jacket...oh, I mean life jacket. It's a super safe jacket, though, and that's why I insist he wear it.Here is Tristan driving us all around. He's showing me all the property he's going to buy me when he becomes a super hero.Another of Tristan's favorite things to do at the lake is to water PaPa's flowers. He and MRK make sure the flowers have plenty of water to make it through the weekend.This was Asher's first pool experience of the summer. Of course, he had to show off. He has started standing up on his own and putting his hands up in the air to show his big accomplishment. He is SO proud!!!
Here is Asher's first time in the lake! Ok, so he didn't get all the way in, but he did put his feet and tiny hiney in. He like it, but the water was kind of cool.
On Sunday, the kids went fishing. I wish you could have seen Channing's dad and brother trying to get the poles ready...hilarious! Let's just say, in their family fishing isn't a big hobby.
It was SO cute watching the kiddos fish, though!After fishing, we went up to the pool at the club, and Asher got the chance to show off some more. See how proud he was?! On Monday, he actually took his first steps. He was beside himself with excitement!!!That afternoon, we made some homemade ice cream. Here is Tristan waiting patiently for it to finish.YUMMMMMMMMM!!!Ash looking down at the lake from the deck. He loved that he could cruise along the rails and look down at the water. He is my precious precious boy!!!Just a sweet shot of my sweet Tristan. I LOVE this little man!
Here are Tristan and MRK (in their matching jammies) playing what seemed like their hundredth game of the weekend. This time, they were playing Dinosaur (thanks, Josiah!!!). They had so much fun!
On our last night there, Monday night, we went to Sinclairs (formerly Kowaligia). It was a great way to end a great weekend.
I didn't get much rest at the lake (since Asher doesn't like to sleep away from home), but I had a wonderful time anyway. It was nice to get away from the stresses of everyday life and to enjoy so me of God's beauty down at the lake.
Tristan LOVES it there and has informed us that he would like to move there. With gas prices, I don't know if that would be much cheaper than our mortgage! In the meantime, I think we'll just visit often. :)


holly said...

ya'll are so lucky to have in laws with a lake house! it's great to see picks of all the kings. Tell everyone hello! MRK is getting prettier and prettier...and your boys are PRECIOUS@

Rachael said...

How much fun!!! I am so excited that Asher took his first special!!! He's getting so big! I love how Tristan showed you the property he's gonna buy when he becomes a funny!!!

LeAnne said...

HOORAH for Asher's first steps!! What a fun weekend!

The Hairston's said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! I love the pictures of the boys! They are such little cuties!

Hillary Dunham said...

Hoorah for Asher!!!

And could Channing look any more like his dad???? That is a little scary in that first picture!

Emily said...

what fun times!!! i would love to see pics of the "new" place! i bet it's gorgeous!