Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Great Wednesday Night

Last night after church, Tristan, Asher, and I accompanied Channing on a home visit. He has a patient who is unable to get into the office right now because of a recent surgery, so since she can't get out, he has been going out to her house to keep her spine adjusted (I love my hubby!).
On the way home (or there, I can't remember), I captured this super sweet picture of my boys. I looked back, and they were holding hands. It absolutely made my heart melt!
(Oh, and yes, Tristan sucks his fingers. I'm very open to suggestions on how to break it.)
Once at the patient's house, Tristan and Channing went in, and I decided to wait in the car with Ash (somehow I just knew he would want to get down and into all her stuff).
It didn't take long sitting in the car before he got restless and wanted to get out of his carseat. After several minutes of listening to him fuss, I finally let him out. He was THRILLED. He took advantage of the opportunity and decided to drive me around town. Check out the pictures I snapped:

Here he is waving to a pedestrian. Eyes on the road, Ash!!!
Just coastin'!
All in all, it was a great Wednesday night. I got to spend a couple of hours with super sweet babies at church; Channing was able to help one of his patients at home; I got to take a thrill ride with Ash (who knew he was such a great driver? ;)); and I got to see my sweet boys hold hands. Yes, it was a great Wednesday night indeed.
Tomorrow night, we'll officially end t-ball with our team party (sniff), and then we'll head to the lake for a long weekend. I think our family needs it!


holly said...

let me know if you break the finger sucking! I still catch Alex on occasion sucking his thumb (in his sleep only), and he is 8! I have this fear of his college roomate catching him sucking his thumb...yikes!

The Hairston's said...

That is so sweet!! There's nothing like the bond between brothers =)

Emily said...

how sweet! dont you just love when you see them loving each other?? makes your heart melt!

Brandy said...

Love it! Hope you have a great weekend at the lake!

Donna said...

I know you kiss Asher's cheeks all day- they are perfect baby cheeks! Looks like a great night!