Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some T-Ball Highlights

T-ball season is officially over (I'll post more about that later), so now all I'm left with are memories and pictures. Enjoy!
The picture above is one of my very favorite. It definitely captures the innocence of four year old t-ball. This is Tristan throwing his glove up in the air and waiting for it to fall...during a game. That's right, I'm sure you've seen Chipper Jones do the same thing...right???
In his defense, he and his team were waiting for the opposing team to come up to bat. :)

The picture below is of my sweet little man on second base. See how he's leading off? He's a pro!Here are my two boys at another game...this one against the Braves. I LOVE this picture. I guess because it's got my two sweet boys in it. I don't know what it is about it, but I just love it. Here is one of Asher doing his favorite thing to do at Tristan's! As soon as we would get to a game (or practice for that matter), he would insist on being put down so he could crawl around and get dirty. He LOVED every minute!
Speaking of dirty...
Did I mention that Asher loved getting dirty??? I'm sure there were whispers behind my back, but I didn't care. He was having a good time. Plus, God made dirt, dirt don't hurt...right??? There was no way I was going to keep him away from it. It just made him too happy.See that utter joy?!Yet another great t-ball moment. The glove ON the head. Every game needs a moment with a glove on the head. I'm positive that Derek Jeter does this too. Positive.


The Hairston's said...

Such great pictures!! Looks like Asher's ready to get out in the field and join his big brother!
Tristan is such a cute little Cardinal!!
We have 2 more games and a team party and our season will be over. I'm already sad about it!! It has been so much fun to go and watch them play!