Monday, March 2, 2009

Surprises Are So Much Fun!

Saturday was a very special day. It was the 30th birthday of one of my favorite people...Holly! I met Holly in college when we both pledged Alpha Gam together. Through the years, I have been blessed to call her my friend. I love Holly for so many reasons, but some of my favorite things about her:

  • She always shoots it straight. If you want an honest answer or opinion, ask Holly. I love that about her! With some people, you know they'll sugar coat things but leave you wondering if they have given you the truth or what they thought you wanted to hear. With Holly, I know that I can always count on her to tell me the truth. That is a true gift and something that I really appreciate.
  • She is so much fun. Holly is the life of the party. She loves to have fun and brings out the fun in others. At her party, she was quick to sing karaoke, not shy one bit. Very different from myself. :)
  • She is super chic. Holly is always dressed and styled in the latest fashion, yet she knows how to do it in a budget. How cool is that?! She is a mom of three, but you would never catch her in mom jeans. You will always find Holly showing off the latest trends.
  • She's a great mom. She loves her three precious kiddos and will do whatever it takes to ensure that they are healthy and taken care of, even if it goes against traditional thinking. For instance, she delivered two of her three children sans medication. She's a tough mama!
  • Holly is a fantastic friend. She would do anything for those she loves. She has a big heart and really cares. I am so blessed to call her my friend!
On to the party! So Saturday afternoon, Ellen (another super sweet friend) and I drove up to Franklin, TN (actually, it was outside of Franklin, I think) to attend Holly's surprise party. It was at the home of a friend of hers. We stopped at her sister, Lindsey's, house first (what a treat! We got to meet her precious husband and kiddos. Thanks, Lindsey, for opening your home to us!). From Lindsey's we drove to the party. We hung out there and met many of Holly's fabulous friends. Once she arrived, those of us who were surprise guests (leave it to Holly to figure out her friends were having a party for her), hid in different rooms of the house. We took turns coming out and surprising her. It was a BLAST! I wish I had a picture of her face. TOTAL surprise! LOVED it!
Here are some pics from Saturday night:

Holly blowing out her candles. I wish I had a picture of the cupcakes. They were so pretty in their boxes! Um, yeah. So she had a baby like a week and a half ago. Where is the baby weight?! Seriously...NO FAIR! Opening presents. She got some great stuff!Showing off some new jewelry!Ellen, Holly, and me:The party was a lot of fun. There was great food and great entertainment...karaoke! Ok, on the note of karaoke, they kept trying to get Ellen and me to sing, but the thing is...all these girls really sing well. It wasn't a fair arena for those of us who don't sound like we're country music stars. Seriously, they all sounded like pros, and they kepts us in stitches! I mean, until you've seen a tiny southern mama of three sing Fergie, you don't know what you're missing!

I feel fortunate to have been able to meet so many of Holly's great friends. They were a lot of fun and so welcoming. They made Ellen and me feel totally at home, like we had known them forever. Holly, you are SO blessed!

As we were leaving the party and heading back to Lindsey's, it was snowing. It was so incredibly beautiful! Here is a shot of Ellen and me in the snow. On the way back to Lindsey's (who I never got a picture with. What is up with that?!), it was snowing so hard, it was hard to see. We felt like we were in some kind of theme park ride!

I am so thankful that I was able to make it to Tennessee to celebrate a very special birthday. AND not only did I get to celebrate with the birthday girl, spend time with great friends, but I also got to meet Holly's precious new addition, Eli. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of him! He is so tiny and so beautiful!!!

All in all, Saturday was so much fun!!!


LeAnne said...

what fun!!!! you girls all look beautiful!

The Hairston's said...

Fun!!! You are such a great friend!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are so sweet for coming! I know Holly was super surprised! It was great seeing both of you and catching up!

holly said...

OK, Crying! I haven't beein in "blogworld" lately, so I'm just now catching up and reading this! You are SOOOO sweet to say those things about me! I'm still in shock about the party. I was so surprised. Thanks so much Annie for being there. I love you!