Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday! It's time again for another peek into my brain. Here are some of my random thoughts from this week...
I don't know whether to laugh or be creeped out by all the listening devices I see advertised on t.v. Many random thoughts ago, I blogged about the 'Listen Up' device. SO weird! I mean, it's a device that is advertised as being good for listening in on neighbor's conversations. What?! Well now there's a new one. I can't remember what it's called, and forgot to write it down when I last saw it, but the commercial shows a girl walking on the beach in her bikini while listening in to some women talk about how much they wish their bodies looked like hers. All the while, the bikini girl is smiling a huge smile. CREEPY! Ok, #1. I don't think I really want to know what people are saying about me as I'm walking by. #2. Why should we assume that people are so focused on us, anyway? #3. Is this listening device guaranteed to let me hear these awesome comments about myself? I mean, I say that because every time I see one of these things, the people only hear about how hot they are. If I get one, will it magically make people believe I'm a hot mama? If so, maybe I should get one...

Have you tried the PedEgg? I have not, but I hear it really works. If so, it might be worth the $9.99 they ask for it.

When someone asks you when you're due, and you tell them the date, and they say, "Whoa!" What do you think that means? I think it means "Whoa...what a great time to have a baby." Yep, I'm pretty sure that's what my neighbor meant when he said it to me. I am totally sure he wasn't making any reference to the size of my belly. No way!

This is NOT, in any way, meant to be funny AT ALL. I have a serious question. What would cause someone to lose their entire nose? I saw a man at the hospital (when I was there for my checkup) on Tuesday, and he had no nose. He just had a hole in his face. It absolutely broke my heart. I was going to research it but never did. Do you know? Have you ever seen something like that? So sad.

Tristan's birthday is coming up on Monday, so Channing and I have planned lots of fun things for him all weekend. Tomorrow is "Tristan Fun Day". We're going to take him to Subway for lunch (his FAV). After lunch, we're going to take him to the zoo (he's been wanting to go there for so long, but we let our membership lapse). After the zoo (and some time at home), we're taking him to the carnival in town. We went Tuesday night too. He loves that kind of stuff. On Saturday, we're having a little party for him at Chuck E Cheese's, then going to t-ball practice, and then more fun for him Saturday night. I'm sure we'll all be exhausted by his actual birthday on Monday.

Speaking of birthday parties, I'm thinking RSVPs are just totally out of date or something. Out of the 11 kids in his class that we sent invitations to, we only heard back from two. TWO out of ELEVEN. So do people not RSVP at all anymore? I can't say that, though, because all his friends that we MAILED invitations to, called. I don't know. Weird. I will say, though, that we were invited to a birthday party last year, and I found the invitation AFTER the fact. I never called. I was mortified! Maybe the 11 other kids in the class misplace their invitations too. :)

Tristan's party is going to be pretty small. We purposely kept things small this year. In fact, we were just going to do a family party. We felt guilty, though, and ended up letting him invite his closest friends. Chuck E Cheese AND we come.

When I was on the treadmill at the gym on Tuesday, I watched, rather perplexed, as a woman in her 50's (at least) read US Magazine. She was on a stationary bike and was reading about Lauren leaving "The Hills". Do you think that woman watches "The Hills"? I mean, she was at least in her 50's. I can say with 99% confidence that my mom has absolutely no idea who Lauren Conrad is and what "The Hills" is.

A patient brought my boys organic suckers today. Who knew there was such a thing?! They loved them!
Speaking of patients and candy...we have a sweet retired lady who is a patient of ours. Every time she comes in, she brings my boys TONS of candy. I don't know how to handle it. I would just throw it away, but she stays a really long time, and gives it directly to them. By the time she's left, they've both loaded up. It drives me crazy! I really need to get a handle on this situation.

My heart and prayers go out to the family of Natasha Richardson. What a sad and shocking death. I pray that God will comfort her boys, her husband, and the rest of her boys during this time of loss.

Due to the crazy economy, home alarm systems are being marketed full force. We had someone come try to sell us a system a week or two ago. Nothing beats Life Alert, though. I keep seeing it advertised on tv, and while it looks like they have good intentions, I have one major problem with it. My problem is the cameras they use to see intruders in your home. If there is actually an intruder in your home, it's great if they can see them. However, how are we, as consumers, to be sure that these Life Alert people aren't spying on us any chance they get??? I mean, I would be worried that these Life Alert people would see me every time I had to make a mad noodle dash to the dryer to get a towel before I jumped in the shower. That's not all. I just don't really want people to have any chance of spying in on my home. That just makes me nervous for some reason. Am I alone in this?

Well folks, that's all I've got for this week. I would love to hear some of your random thoughts. Please share!


Eve said...

Happy Birthday to Tristan! Monday is Genna's birthday, too! She is super-excited this year, unlike the last 2 where she really had no idea that it was even a special day.

The Greenfields said...

hilarious, as always. i hope you guys have fun celebrating with tristan! i can't believe asher's bday is right around the corner as well... and soon rhiannon's bday will be here!
yes, i think i would invest into the listening device if it could guarantee that you would ONLY hear the WONDERFUL things people are saying about you. can you imagine if you bought it and decided to walk on the beach in a bikini and you confidently put your listening device in only to hear "look at that woman- she should NOT be wearing that bikini!" "look at those stretch marks- come on lady, cover up!!" do you think they would issue a refund in such a case??

annieck said...

Happy birthday to Genna! :)
Rachel, thanks for the laugh! You have me cracking up this morning. My thoughts exactly!!! Ha!!

LeAnne said...

i hope you guys have a fun b'day weekend with tristan! ryan will be 5 5 feeling like a bummer for you like it is for me??

jenniferbernheim said...

Happy Birthday to Tristan! Pregnancy comments from friends and strangers can be quite jarring. When I was prego with Owen, I had strangers ask me if I was having twins because my belly was huge :) I guess I could of had two 4.5 pounders since Owen was just over 9 pounds. Anyway, Eric wanted to make tee-shirts that would deter negative pregnancy comments from strangers... maybe during the next pregnancy. Hug those folks who comment on your belly - growing a baby is beautiful!

jenniferbernheim said...

PS Hope you don't mind that I borrowed some of your gadget ideas :)

Donna said...

I was hoping someone would comment on the pedegg- I'm really curious about those myself. Happy B'day to Tristan- you've done SO MUCH! I just realized TODAY that Marky and Julia's b'days are in two weeks and I have no plan whatsoever! Chuck E Cheese is crazy ADD land, but the kids love, love it!