Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everyone Else Is Posting About Snow...

...so why not one more?

Once Ellen and I got back into town on Sunday, I had her drop me off at church to meet up with Channing, Tristan, and PaPa (aka Channing's dad). At the entrance, someone had built a really unique snowman. Since I missed most of the boys playing in the snow, I had to take a picture of Tristan with the ugly, oops, I mean unique snowman.
As we were leaving the church, I had to get a picture of the sign. It looked so pretty surrounded by snow!
I was so excited, when we got home, to see that we still had a good bit of snow. I was able to watch Tristan enjoy it! I figured I would miss it all, but I didn't. YEA!!!

Tristan making a snowball...Good one, T!That's what I like to see...an attack on Daddy! :)He was so proud of himself AND running for dear life after throwing his snowball!Notice Channing is getting ready to lob one at me. I was his favorite target.Channing said the boys played a lot in the snow that morning before church. He said T had a blast but that Asher wasn't a big fan. It was just too cold for his sweet little hands. I wish I had thought to do Leisha's trick...socks on the hands. I couldn't find any of his gloves or mittens. Terrible!

I love the snow, but now I'm ready for spring. I have had enough of this cold weather. I'm ready for the time change, the warm weather, walks around the neighborhood, the whole shabang! Come on, spring!!!


Brandi said...

Good times! I love the snow. That is a great picture you got of the sign at church. You know, you may get your wish. They are saying it will be like spring by the end of this week!

Hillary @ The Dunham Diaries said...

Amen! Bring on the spring!
And Harris just ate the snow. He was like Asher- not quite into it, yet.
Owen talked about throwing snowballs all day!
And you should re-name your blog 3 men and a baby- or 3 men and a little lady. Don cha think? Or is that too easy? :-)
I hope y'all had a great trip to see that precious baby!

LeAnne said...

i'm glad that my husband wasn't the only one that used his wife for target practice with the snowballs:)

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

i guess channing still enjoys flirting with his super cute preggo wife!