Thursday, April 24, 2008

Asher's Big Day!

Last Saturday was Asher's big day...HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Honestly, I find it so hard to believe it's been a whole year. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday I was stressing out over having to be induced. I was filled with fear yet an enormous amount of excitement about meeting my new little mystery baby (we didn't find out what we were having).
After many hours of labor, my sweet baby boy decided to make his entrance into the world.

Here he is on Saturday just as he was waking up. I would have loved to have gotten a better picture, but he was a bit grumpy. He had a late night the night before (he was waiting up for his NaNa, PaPa, and Aunt Tay).
Here he is an hour later. Feeling much better and sporting his new birthday shirt. We made it the day before. The outfit we bought for his birthday ended up being too big (we bought it during the winter in Highlands, NC). We guessed what size to get him based on Tristan's size at that age. I guess we forgot that Asher is our little peanut. He isn't nearly as big as Tristan was at that same age. Anyway, we had fun making his special shirt.Here are Asher's birthday cakes. We went with Baby Einstein because #1 he likes Baby Einstein, and #2 we wanted to go with a Publix cake, and this was what I liked best.Checking out the cake. He wasn't quite sure what to think.First taste...likin' it, likin' it...YUM, the black looks pretty tasty!Once he started digging in, there was no stopping him. He LOVED it! It was so neat to see because Tristan didn't mess up his cake at all on his first birthday. He was completely uninterested. I knew Asher would be different. He is definitely the eater in the family. I think he gets that from my side. ;)
Delish!Look at those fingers!All that cake makes a boy thirsty!Here is what his sippy looked like post-cake. My mom thought I should just throw it away. I, being the penny pincher that I am, refused.
Here is the cake once he finished. I must say, he put a sizable dent in it!
Here, Mommy, try it!!!After he was all clean and wound up on sugar, he was happy as can be. Here he is sitting with his PaPa.Asher's birthday was so much fun! It has been a super fast year, but a year full of blessing. I don't know what we ever did without our little Ash-Bedash...our little peanut. He is a joy and a daily reminder of Christ's love for us.

I was so busy Saturday that I didn't have time to reflect on the fact that my baby had indeed turned 1 year old. That night, however, it all hit me like a ton of bricks. I watched "The Kite Runner" with my mom (GREAT movie, I only wish I had gotten around to reading the book first. I still will, though). Due to the sad things in the movie, I started reflecting on things in my own life, one of those things being my baby turned a year old. That made the rest of my Saturday night kind of sad and most of Sunday. I did get over it, though.

We had a great year with Asher, and I anticipate even greater years to come. I am so thankful for all three of my boys and all that God has taught me through them.


Hillary Dunham said...

I love the Baby Einstein Cake!! Adorable! Not quite as cute as the baby, though. What a precious one year old!!! you have there!

The Hairston's said...

Looks like he was LOVIN' the cake! I can't believe that little guy is already 1! He is so so so precious!! I could just kiss him to pieces!

Rachael said...

How sweet is that? Thanks for sharing pics from his special day. I love that cake and I see Asher did too!!! LOL! He is truly a happy and blessed little boy.

MorningSong said...

So fun!!!! I love seeing him enjoy that cake! What a blessing he is!

I think Asher and Lillian are the absolute cutest and sweetest babies I know right now. They both are so happy!