Saturday, April 12, 2008

Asher's Got the Blues

So tonight I decided I would like to take a relaxing bath...with no distractions. I asked Channing if he minded keeping the boys out for a little while, and he agreed. The first five minutes were bliss...
Then, of course, life happens. The boys realize they are in the living room...gasp...without mommy! "Where's Mommy?!"

Channing decided to come in and chat with me for a minute, at which point Asher comes crawling in...crying (just seconds before, I heard him shrieking from the living room). Channing looks down and says, "What's on his head?" I, not paying any attention (still trying to enjoy my bath), brush it off and continue to indulge myself in my Parents magazine. Channing says again, "What's that on his head. Seriously, something is in his hair." Still trying to enjoy my hot bath, I don't budge but say, "Oh, Tristan probably put some crumbs in his hair. He likes to do that sometimes." Channing follows with, "It's not crumbs. Look." Finally I lean up, look over the tub and see dark blue scribbles all over his head. That's scribbles!

I'm sure you probably guessed it...Tristan scribbled all over his head; not just on his forehead, but all in his hair!
When I called Tristan in to ask him about it, he first attempted to pretend he didn't know what was going on (although the guilt was written all over his face).

Me: Tristan, what happened to Asher's head?
Tristan: Mmm oh.
Me: Did you write on his head?
Tristan (looking at the ground and mumbling): No
Me: Tell me the truth. What happened to Asher's head?
Tristan: Someone scribbled on his head and made him cry.
Me: Who did that?
Tristan (still looking at the ground and mumbling): Tristan

At this point, I am trying my hardest to keep a straight face. I managed to sternly talk to him about the error of his ways when I see Channing with a huge grin on his face. Then I kind of lost it and started laughing. Of course that makes Tristan think that what he did was ok. Once I gained my composure, I again had to explain why what he did was unacceptable.

Tristan is now unable to play with any art supplies for a while, Asher is in bed with blue marker on his head, and I'm left without a camera (mine is at work) and with a dead camcorder. Just a typical day in our household.


holly said...

hmmm...gotta love those relaxing baths. I never get them, unless everyone is in bed, and then I'm thinking of what I need to get done while everyone is in bed, and CAN'T relax!!!

Donna said...

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of escapades at your house! Just wait 'till Asher gets big enough to scribble on Tristan! Fun memories.

Anonymous said...

great story annie! hilarious.


Hillary Dunham said...

I love that feeling of stifling laughter, but it is SOOO hard to keep a straight face. Funny story- I hate that you couldn't get a picture! You never know- it might be re-enacted in the future!

Ole Miss Mom said...

So funny! Boys....wonder what it'll be when they're older? ;-)

LeAnne said...

Oh, too funny!! Not too long ago, Kylee Anne found a SHARPIE and proceeded to COLOR her legs and arms. You could still see the large black "splotches" days later!! We have a ton of those "trying to fight off laughter" moments around our house. That's the good stuff!!

The Hairston's said...

That is hilarous! I hate that you couldn't get a picture! Having boys, I'm sure you will have many more of these type moments!

MorningSong said...

Too funny! I love how "somebody" wrote on him. Who? Tristan - you know that other little boy who sometimes gets ME, the good Tristan in trouble! So hilarious! A truly great story for both baby books!


Rachael said...

That is soooo funny! It's so hard not to laugh at these funny kiddos sometimes. :) :) :)

Bragans said...

Annie, I have loved reading your blog. I am glad that I found it. That is hilarious about your boys. Thanks for sharing!
Joy G. Bragan

Anonymous said...

I'm not looking forward to the days of having to discipline while trying to contain laughter!! I couldn't even keep a straight face as I read the story, much less if I had seen his guilt-ridden face!! No pictures needed...I got the visual! ;)