Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Got Tagged, So Here Goes...

I was just tagged by my sweet friend, Mandy, and now, I get to tell you 7 random things about myself. But, first, let me tell you about my friend, Mandy. She is an incredible mother of five boys. I am always amazed at all that she is able to accomplish given all that she has on her plate. She's a fabulous photographer, a super patient mom, an encouraging friend, and a godly woman. Always fun to be around, Mandy is someone you love to have around. Oh, and did I mention that she does NOT look like she's had one child, let alone five! NO FAIR! :)
Okay, here goes...

1. In college I worked for intramural sports. It was a great job for me because I got to see tons of friends on a daily basis yet didn't actually have to play the sports. I'm not the most gifted athlete, so it always gave me an "out". I always longed to hang out with my friends on the sidelines and cheer for my sorority or friends' teams. Couldn't do that, though, it was against the rules. Believe me, I tested it and got into trouble.

2. I don't like to stay by myself. I'm such a chicken. Channing rarely has to leave town overnight, and I am SO glad. I would hate having to sleep by myself regularly. It's hard to get quality rest with my tv on. ;)

3. I've been told that when people first meet me, I seem kind of snobby. I promise I'm not. I'm just shy around people I don't know. I struggle making conversation with people I don't know. It's a great flaw that I SO wish would just totally disappear.

4. I work out to Britney Spears music; not the nasty songs, songs like "Piece of Me", "Circus", "Womanizer". I know, I know. My friend, Ashley, makes fun of me for it, but I think it's good for working out. Plus, I figure if she can look that good after all that she's been through, I have some extra motivation.

5. Before I had kids, I was a blonde. I SO miss being blonde, and whenever I see old pictures, I miss it the most. Thing is, it just isn't in the budget. Kids come first, so most times, I look like a bum. I guess I worry more about how they look than myself. Just know, though, that deep inside, I desire to look good. I'm not letting myself go on purpose. :)

6. I struggle with change. I cry when shows end (not like at the end of episode, but at the end of the series). Even if I am not able to watch the shows regularly, I hate to say goodbye. I cry when friends move away, even if I don't get to see them much. I cried when Bush left office because it's a big change. I struggle with change. Next year when Tristan starts school, I'll probably be a complete basket case.

7. I LOVE cucumbers. Seriously, since I've been pregnant, I'm even more addicted than usual. To me, they taste like bland watermelon. LOVE THEM! I totally don't understand how anyone could ruin a perfectly good cucumber with salt, though. Totally befuddles me. :)

8. (I cheated and added an 8th) During labor, I wear socks because I don't want my feet in my doctor's face. I don't know if it's more because I don't like the appearance of my feet or that if I were a doctor, I wouldn't want someone's bare noodle piggies in my face. Don't know, but with both boys, I wore socks. I totally plan to do it with this one too.

Okay, folks that's all. I tag Leisha, Holly, and Michelle. :)


The Hairston's said...

GRRREEEEAAATTTT! Thanks for the tag! I don't think there are 7 random things about me that would be interesting. I'm quite boring!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

I wore socks during labor only because I have this major thing about germs on the floor= I hate being barefoot.

I feel ya on the workout music- somehow I can't quite get a good workout in to "shout to the lord" :) i am much more jazzed with a little beyonce or rhianna!

annieck said...

Leisha, you are SO not boring!
Rachel, I love that we have so much in common. Whenever I hear the "Britney" Bebo Norman song, I think of you. :)
Thank you for making me feel better about my workout choices. I feel the same way you do. AND I have Rihanna and Beyonce on my playlist too! :)

Mandy Smith said...

thanks Annie for the sweet things you say about me:) You are so amazing as well. I have learned so much from you! We are about to do our worship time with this song from your blog.Love it!

Ole Miss Mom said...

I'll highlight your hair (and teach you how to do it) for $7! :-) Not that I have the most perfect highlights in the world, but it gets the job done!! ;-)

annieck said...

Wow, Lindsay! That would be awesome! :) Thanks for the offer. Don't be surprised when I take you up on it. :):):):)