Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Hooked

Before our trip to the mountains, I decided I needed to take some good books to read. I mean, the trip is long and the mountains can get a little monotonous. In choosing what to read, I knew I wanted something easy and fictional, something I wouldn't have to think about...pure entertainment. I had heard all the hype about the "Twilight" series, so I thought this trip would be the perfect time to check it see if it lived up to all the hype. So before Christmas, I bought the first book, "Twilight". For Christmas, Channing gave me the third, "Eclipse". I was so excited and couldn't wait to hit the road so I could start reading. Problem was, I only had the first and the third books. I'd heard that most people read the books very quickly, so I sort of panicked about not having the second book, "New Moon".On the way to Highlands, I stopped at a couple of stores, but no one had the book. In Highlands, we called several bookstores in and around the town but everyone was sold out. Can you believe it?! This is one hot book. Fortunately, while we were in town shopping one day, I happened to stop at the local bookstore, and she had just received a shipment. As the owner of the store was retrieving a copy from her car, the man at the counter told me they had been turning people away all day, asking for that very same book. Needless to say, I was elated!
So I began reading, have read the first three (well, I lack about 10 pages in the last, "Eclipse"), and have got to get my hands on the fourth. I'm totally hooked.
So I ask you...have you read any of the books? What's your opinion? Are/were you as hooked as I am?


LeAnne said...

i hear they are fantastic and i've been thinking about reading them. i think i'm gonna wait until Jack leaves in the Spring...i'll need a distraction! thanks for sharing, annie!

~k said...

Oh, I have been wnating to start them but I have so many already stacked up on my nightstand waiting for me to read them! I will definitely have to get to them soon! Thanks for the review!

Hillary Dunham said...

I haven't, but I might have to! Thanks!

Ole Miss Mom said...

YAY! they're so fun! i'm almost done with #3. I have to say, I'm kinda surprised you went and picked these up. But, I'm glad you like them! I went to the movie by myself a couple of weeks ago. It was so fun! And they did a great job on the movie I think!

annieck said...

They really are fun. I spent the whole week reading. I have to go get the fourth before I finish the last pages of the third. I'm afraid I'll go into withdrawals once I finish the last one. :)
I was always a huge Felicity and Dawson's Creek fan growing up, and this kind of fits right in there...with vampires and werewolves. :) Mindless fun!