Monday, January 5, 2009

The Decision Is...

...I'm 90% sure we're going to find out on Wednesday, this Wednesday, if we're having a boy or a girl. I have debated and debated whether or not to find out (since we didn't find out with the first two), but finally, I think curiosity and the need to plan, has won out. I've done the surprise thing twice, and LOVED IT, but I am so curious to see what it's like to know what I'm having. That is one experience I have yet to...well, experience.

So this time, I am going to step out of my comfort zone (and Channing's...he's pretty reluctant) and find out what we're having. Maybe it will help us settle on a name. With our first two, we had boys names picked out years in advance. We had lots of trouble settling on girls names. This time, though, we don't have a solid name for either. We are closer to settling on a girl's name than a boy's, though.

On the subject of having a boy or a girl, most people assume that we are hoping for a girl. I hear it all the time...Don't you hope it's a girl? Are y'all trying for a girl? Stuff like that. Thing is, if I were being 100% honest, I would have to say that I'm kind of (selfishly) hoping it's another boy. You see, I've always envisioned myself as the mother of three boys. Don't get me wrong, I would love a little girl, it's just that the idea kind of freaks me out a bit. I know what to do with boys. I'm a boy kind of mom.

I love little girls, I just have a hard time envisioning myself with one. I mean, buying the clothes and dressing a little girl would be fun, but aside from that, I wouldn't have a clue what to do. Not only that, I worry about all the extra stuff that comes with little girls. Some little girls (of course, not all) can kind of be kind of...well...sassy. I was sassy, my sister was sassy, I know some sassy girls. I just don't know if I'm made to handle the sass, you know?

Then, there's the whole mother-daughter conflict thing. Most girls go through it with their moms, usually in the teenage years. I so don't want that. Of course, on the bright side of this, most girls end up being very close with their mothers in adulthood; definitely a plus.

Then there's the whole "dating thing". We plan to handle dating differently than most, and I can see a girl having more of a problem with it than a boy (of course, I could be wrong...I'm going from personal experience here).

Finally, I worry about the whole "marrying thing". With a boy, you can raise them to be leaders, to be good husbands. With a daughter, you have to trust that whoever she marries is going to be a good husband to her. That worries me (I know, like Channing reminds me...I have YEARS ahead of that, but my mind never stops churning).

If you are the parent of a daughter, please don't be offended. I mean NO offense AT ALL. I am just super nervous about the possibility of my comfort zone being shaken. If we are blessed with a little girl, we will be beyond thrilled. If we are blessed with a little boy, it'll be awesome too. Whatever the good Lord has decided to give us, we will gladly accept. I just can't wait to find out what that is!

What do you think? If you're the mother of a girl (or girls), does it freak you out that you could one day be the mother of a boy? If you are the mother of a boy (or boys), does it freak you out to think that you could one day be raising a little girl? Am I alone in this???


Shasta said...

I don't know how you did it the first two times, not finding out the gender. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to know all three times! Party because we just couldn't handle waiting and partly because we wanted to have the room ready, the clothes ready and all that. I like to be prepared.

I'm a mom of 3 boys and I have a lot of the same feelings as you. You would not believe, especially now with 3 boys, how often we get asked if we're going to try again for a girl, or sometimes TOLD to try again for a girl. Um, how do they know #4 would indeed be a girl? Everyone assumed we wanted a girl with #3 and I think my husband really did. But me, I was fine with having 3 boys. Like you said, I'm a boy mom, I know boys. I'm sure if I had a girl, I'd figure it out. But I'm comfortable with boys through the ages and stages.

I'm sure either way, you will do fine. You'll either be warmly welcomed to the mom of 3 boys club or you'll have a little girl with two big brothers to protect her!

Can't wait to hear what you're having!

annieck said...

Thanks SO much, Shasta!!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one and to hear (or read) the encouraging words.
You're so sweet!!!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

I totally agree with all your comments - I even take it one step further and worry that since I wasn't a super girly girl (like I've never really been in to clothes and manicures and such) that I would be a bad mom for a girl! I think little girls are super cute but preteen and teenage girls scare me to death (the thought of raising one!) Ironically, I always thought we would have girls because I think Jeremy would be such an amazing daddy to a girl - it takes a special man to be patient with girls and he could do it so well! But I share all your thoughts and fears and wonder if moms of boys worry the same way as well!

Reagan said...

Annie, I will be really excited if you find out what you are having!! Also, I understand how you feel about having a girl. I was so scared when I found out Reagan was a girl - as was Josh. We were at Destin Commons after we found out and Josh could not help noticing all the 12 year old girls running around in short skirts. I don't know, but there is something about having to send your little daughter out into the world that is just SCARY!! But when she smiles at me from that round little toothless face as her daddy "dances" her all over the kitchen.... well, of course, I wouldn't change it.

Brandi said...

I'm one of those people that would naturally think you wanted a girl since you already have 2 boys. I want both. That doesn't mean God wants me to have both but I would love to experience raising both genders. They both offer so many new fun things and so many different challenges. I just though everyone wanted both. Doesn't everyone think like me? :) By the way, I'm so excited you guys are finding out. The planner in me wants you to know. Are you planning to share with everyone else or keep it a surprise for us? If you want to take a poll on that, I vote tell me!!! :)

Hillary Dunham said...

Ok. That post guaranteed that it will be a girl. Are you testing God? :-)
No, I hear you loud and clear. God knew what he was doing when He gave me 2 boys. And I would love another.
And the super bright side would be that you really wouldn't have to change the name of your blog, if Channing wouldn't get offended. :)

annieck said...

Illy and Brandi, you two have the most beautiful little girls. SO precious! I love those little ladies. Seeing them makes me think..."Oh a little girl would be so nice!" I just feel so unqualified. :) I guess that's what two boys does to you.

Hillary, I've thought the same thing. Am I testing God? Forever, I've thought that Channing and I only make boys. For some reason, with this pregnancy, I've sensed girl. This totally freaks me out (once I get past all the thoughts of how fun it would be to have a sweet baby girl), and I force myself to remember that I've always seen myself with three boys. I know what to do with boys. Very familiar territory.

Michelle, I agree with you on all your points. I'm not super girly, though Brandi has shown me that you don't have to be. You can still love football and teach your little girl to love it and all the other stuff as well. But I still feel like I don't have it all down. Like you with Jeremy,I would love to see Channing with a little girl. He, too, is so patient. I think he would love to have a daddy's girl, though after having boys, he feels more comfortable with a boy. I would love to see him with a little girl. He was so great with my sister when she was little.

I am going to share what we're having...probably that day. There is no way I could keep it a secret. I offered to find out and not let Channing find out (so that we could both have it our ways), but he wasn't going for that. He knows me too well! :)

Thanks for all your encouraging comments, ladies. I'm looking so forward to Wednesday!

Rachael said...

Even though I voted for you to wait, I am SOOO happy you are finding out and I can't wait to know!!! I hear you about the gender thing. I have many of the same concerns about having a girl. I am like Brandi though...I want to experience both genders. I LOVE my little boy though and it will be sooo much fun to have another boy. I know you will be a great mom no matter which little baby King you bring into the world. And...I have to wonder if Hillary's may have been setting yourself up with that post! HA!

Ole Miss Mom said...

I also voted for you to wait, but you've kinda "been there done that" twice. So why not join the club and find out! :-)

I can't decide what I think you're having. I know I guessed my ALL my cousins right when they were pregnant. But I need to know, what would you rather have every day. A big fat hamburger/steak, or cake and icecream? Then I'll be able to make my very educated guess! haha


annieck said...

Lindsay, you're so funny! Well, all the old wives tales say girl, but I never believe them. :)
I am craving sweets and fruits...BIG time (the fruit)! That's been different than the other two pregnancies. Each time, though, I crave something different. This time it just happens to center around fruit.
I also have yucky skin issues with this one. Nothing too dramatic, but still. My skin is usually pretty clear, but this one has definitely given me less than stellar skin. :P They say a girl takes her mom's beauty...could it be true??? Ha!

Anonymous said...

ya'll take a deep're worrying about WAAAAAy too much stuff. Girls are awesome and so are boys....either way...just pray for a healthy baby and everything will work out fine.

If I can have a decent child....then anyone can....especially the two of you!!

Peace out....your bro in law :)

The Hairston's said...

That is so exciting that you are finding out! By Wednesday, do you mean tomorrow Wednesday??! That is so soon! I can't wait to know!

Mandy Smith said...

You will love finding out. (if you decide to) I loved having names for my boys and talking to them before they got here. It also helped the older brothers get ready for the babies.

I can totally identify with you on the boy/girl thing. I was secretly relieved EVERY time I found out it was a boy. I do feel kindof wierd though knowing that I will probably never have a daughter. Now, of all times, I have a strong desire to have a daughter. Jason says he will buy me one. HA HA. Seriously, we have considered adoption. But we will wait until these 2 are at least 2 or 3 years old and see if we are still sane. Can't wait to find out what you are having (whether it's tomorrow or when the next King is here:))

annieck said...

Tomorrow Wednesday, indeed. SO excited!!! :):):):)
Thanks for all the encouragement, everybody!