Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Day at the Circus

Last Saturday, the circus was in town, and we went. Tristan had anticipated this trip for months. The time was finally here, and for him, it was a blast!
Of course, right when we got there, he fell in love with the $15 snow cones and $20 light spinners. RIDICULOUS!We took the following picture for our friend, Robert. We saw him at Eli's birthday party that morning, and he asked us if there would be motorcycles there. Well Robert, there were, and they were cool!However, with the cool motorcycles came the sexified biker girl dancers. Why does the circus need to be sexy?! I mean, look at these girls! They were gyrating and dancing nasty. My three year old doesn't need to see that. Look at the outfits!Here is Tristan with his cousin, MRK, and friend, FH. They had lots of fun!For the adults, we thought this circus was pretty lame compared to the past two years. We got the boring one. However, we did enjoy seeing the tigers...
And the elephants...And I enjoyed the acrobats.The boys LOVED the circus. Asher was so attentive to the whole thing. I thought that was a huge deal because he's only 9 months old. I figured he would be tired of it after 15 minutes. Boy was I wrong!
After the circus, we headed to The Loop for dinner. As you can see, Tristan didn't make it.Here are the kiddos, minus Tristan (he was still asleep!).Once we got home, the boys wanted to play with the clown faces MiMi bought. Check 'em out!

The circus was disappointing for those of us who knew better, but the kids had a blast. That's what mattered most. In Tristan and Asher's eyes, it was a Saturday well spent.