Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Little Pumpkin

This is my poor little pumpkin, Asher. Bless his heart, he was sick during Christmas, but the day after, he started to recover. It took him a good few days to get better, but during our time in the Highlands, he seemed to be coming around. Then we came home. Since we got home Monday night, he's been coughing like crazy and has had a fever. It's so sad (on a selfish note, it's been nice because he's been so cuddly. I even got to take a 2 hour nap with him. That never happens! That's terrible of me to like that part of him being sick, isn't it?)! Anyway, last night he was miserable. He just kept coughing and had a fever (101.5 so not super high, but still). SAD! See how cuddly he was? Look at those rosey cheeks and pouty lips. Heartbreaking!
Here he is coughing. :(
Tristan, Channing, and I layed hands on him last night before he went to bed and prayed for his speedy recovery. Thank God, he woke up today feeling, looking, and sounding much better. His temp has gone down to 99.5, which is still high for him but not high as far as fevers go. He is smiling again and seems to be coughing less.
While in Highlands, he didn't sleep well because he was in a pack n play rather than his bed, which he loves. He woke up every two hours while we were there. I was exhausted, so I know he must have been too. I think that's what made it more difficult for him to gain a full recovery like Tristan did.
I am confident, though, that he is going to get over this hump quickly. His daddy is keeping him adjusted, I'm keeping him hydrated, we're making sure he gets lots of rest, and we're praying continually. Today was better than yesterday, and I'm confident that tomorrow will be even better! Please say a little pray for my sweet Baby Ash if you get a chance.
We are fortunate that he and Tristan were able to stay home today. Today was my first day back at the office (until we find a replacement for Gina), and Channing's mom offered to come and watch the boys for us. BLESSING! It is FREEZING outside, and I would not have wanted to get Asher out in this weather. Thanks, Leenore!!! Thanks to her, he has been able to take his naps in his bed without any interruptions. He's been able to stay warm and snuggy in his pajamas. What a relief!!! I know this will aid in his recovery.


Rachael said...

Poor baby! I am so glad he is feeling better today. Give him kisses from me!

annieck said...

Thank you!

The Hairston's said...

Bless his heart! What a sad little face he is making!
We will be praying for him!

annieck said...

It is so sad! Thank you for your prayers!

lynse leanne said...

Asher is growing up so fast! I miss a lot by not being in the preschool hall.

thanks for stopping over at my blog, i'm glad you are enjoying it.

look forward to reading yours now too that i know it is here.