Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Monday night was a night was a much anticipated night in our household. Monday was the night scheduled to celebrate our good friend, Ashley's, birthday. We looked forward to celebrating her birthday for like two weeks. We were so excited, for one, because we LOVE Ashley. We were also excited because the fast ended on Monday, and she picked Tomatapie (one of our absolute faves) to celebrate the occasion. Let me tell you, the night did not disappoint!
Let me catch you up on this bunch. Channing and I are so blessed to have such an incredible group of friends. God brought us together a year and a half ago in a church small group. We just kind of clicked, and ever since then, we have decided to do life together. We try to get together at least once a month to hang out, grab a bite to eat, play games, celebrate birthdays, or whatever. We always have lots to laugh at together, a lot of times at the expense of each other.
I love so much about each and every person in this group, but one exceptional thing about this group is how much each person loves kids. When we started the group, only Ashley and David and Channing and I had kids. Now Brandi is expecting (as are The Greenfields who we miss terribly!), so we're able to enjoy this exciting time with her and Shane. The exceptional thing, though, is that even when we were the only ones with kids, the others always treated our kids as if they were their own. I mean, the men and women of the group hold the kids and love on them. Seriously...the guys ask to hold the boys. Those of you mothers out there know how much that means. This group is so so special to Channing and me. We LOVE these guys! Anyway, on with Monday night...
Asher started the night with Jon and Karen. Here he is sitting with Jon, who gave him his first taste of lemon. Much to our surprise he LOVED it! He didn't even make the sour face.Here are the boys having some fun crawling around. The adorable boy in blue is Ashley's little boy, Nate (that's what we call him, anyway. Oh, and her other little boy was out of town. He is adorable too!).
An amazing thing about Baby Nate is that he is 10 months old and can WALK!!! That BLOWS my mind! Of course, I made him walk all over the place so I could take lots of pictures. He is such a doll!
After all his walking, Jon and Karen wanted to take a turn holding the precious little man. Look at his reaction to Jon...PRICELESS! Every time he looked at Jon, he would cry! It was so funny!Here is a picture of us girls: Brandi, Karen, Me, and Ashley (Check out Tristan's face). Sadly, I don't have a picture of all the guys. Channing left early, so I missed that photo op.
All in all, Ashley's birthday celebration was lots of fun. I wish we could have nights like that every week! Unfortunately, every one stays so busy. I guess that just allows us to anticipate our monthly get togethers more.


The Hairston's said...

What a fun birthday! Happy Birthday, Ashley!!
I love some of the pictures you get of Tristan! Priceless!

Rachael said...

How much fun! I can't believe Nate is walking! WOW!!!

Brandi said...

We had a blast and are so blessed to be a part of this group. God is so good to put us all together. I'm so glad to have moms around to give me advice with this baby thing. We love you guys!

MorningSong said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!! Looks like a fun time with friends! Definitely a blessing!!

By the way - loved the pics from the circus too!! We wanted to go but life has been so hectic our way!
Glad ya'll had fun!

Karen said...

We had a wonderful time celebrating!!! We LOVE being with all of you every chance we get! Thanks for always letting us love on your sweet boys :) We are SO grateful for the awesome friends Jesus has blessed us with!!!!!

Tracie said...

I know Ashley and Brandi. They help me out in Tuscaloosa. Love them. Didn't know it was Ashley's Birthday. Happy Belated Ashley.