Saturday, January 5, 2008

He is Definitely My Spawn

As those who know me well know, I cannot handle people falling down. If you fall down and I see you, chances are I'm going to laugh. I don't want to. Everything inside of me tells me it's not funny, but it's just an impulse. It comes out like vomit (sorry, gross I know). Someone falls, and instinctively I laugh. I've laughed at horrible falls and accidental trips. I so wish I could control it. Anyway, today I had just given both my boys a bath and was heading downstairs. I was holding Asher, and Tristan was walking beside us. All of a sudden, my foot slipped on one of the steps, and I came crashing down. In my mind, I knew it was happening, and all I could think was don't drop the baby. I fell hard on my rear and elbow and slid down a few steps (for those of you wondering...I didn't drop the baby. He made it through without a scratch. Praise God!). So I'm in major pain, my elbow is bleeding, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a sizable bruise on my bottom. Guess what my oldest son does? Do you think he asks how I am? What happened? Anything? No...he LAUGHS! Can you believe that?! Immediately, because I was in so much pain and still worried that I could have really hurt the baby, I reprimand him. "Tristan, this is not funny! Mommy is really hurt. Look at my elbow. It's bleeding!" Then I started to cry.
Poor little guy. Can you believe I reprimanded him for that?! Terrible parenting at its finest.
Seeing me cry, he wanted to do whatever he could do to fix the problem (my sweet boy). So he said, "I got an idea, Momma." Then he kissed me. I continued to cry (I really think because he laughed at me when I was hurting. I know, I know...). He said, "Mommy, I kissed you. You're o.k. now." That's when I gave him "the lesson" on not laughing when people are hurt. I think it was a lesson I needed to hear. However, I really think that his laugh was just as instinctive as mine. He wasn't laughing that I was hurt. He was laughing because it probably looked pretty hilarious.
So now you all have two of us to worry about. It's not just me that you have to be careful around. If you trip in front of my son, he'll laugh too. He may not look a thing like me, but he is definitely my spawn.


AngelGirl said...

oh annie!!! we are kindred spirits!!! you know i laugh at everything also!!! poor tristan! MAC cant handle it when mommy cries...hes pitiful!!i hope you bottom feels better! LOL!!