Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2 Days of GREAT Savings

I'm so excited about my past two days of shopping. I have saved money, and that always makes me happy.
Check out these savings! I should have taken a picture:

Winn Dixie:
Angel Soft Mega- 9 rolls
Organic Milk
Sparkle Giant Roll 8 pack
4 packs of Pampers Splasher Diapers
2 packs of Luvs -Mega Size
1 box of Luvs
8 kiwi fruits
Deep Dish Pie Shells
10 packs of Sargento Cheese
1 can of mixed veggies (I usually try to avoid canned veggies and fruits but was in a pinch for dinner~pot pie)
1 can of Campbell's cream of potato soup
SAVINGS: $84.92!!! Yippee!!! LOVE it!
AND not only did I save $84.92, I also got a coupon for $10 off my next $40 order (which, if you know anything about coupons, you know that the $40 is BEFORE coupons!!! Woo hoo!).

Today, I quickly made a stop at CVS. I have several deals lined up for their store but had both kiddos with me, so I improvised. I just took care of my most pressing deal...the Pampers deal.

Right now at CVS, if you buy $20 worth of Pampers products (pre-coupons~important to know), you will receive $5 in ECBs., I went home with 7 tubs of Pampers wipes (we don't use their diapers) and 1 squeeze pop for Tristan (the thing cost $1.19. I wasn't thrilled with that purchase), and I only spent $8.30 out of pocket!!! I also got $5 in ECBs to use. :) My total savings today at CVS was $18.50! Here's how I did the CVS deal:

The Pampers wipes were on sale for $2.99/tub. I got 7 tubs.
I had 3 $2/2 coupons for Pampers products (many of you moms have better coupons for Pampers. If you have a baby, then you probably get those coupons all the time. I, however, have misplaced mine since I don't use Pampers. Oh well. Thank goodness for the paper!).
I also had a coupon for $4 off of a $20 purchase.
Since I was going to receive $5 back in ECBs, I used $5 in ECBs I already had (you always want to use ECBs to buy products that earn you ECBs. That way, it is TOTALLY FREE. It's called "rolling your ECBs").
So for the exact order (order matters):
Ring up wipes, give $4 off $20 coupon, give manufacturer's coupons, give ECBs, give cash. Tada...done. SAVINGS! Simple as that.
CVS, I love you!

Needless to say, we won't have to buy wipes or diapers for the next few months. What a blessing!!!


The Hairston's said...

You are so good! I'm so proud of you and your savings!! Can you please teach me a thing or two?! Jay would be most appreciative!!

Brandi said...

So you got all of the wipes. When I went today they only had two tubs left :)

annieck said...

Thanks, Leisha! I'll teach you a thing or would be a great excuse to get together! ;)

Brandi, you really must have gone right after me because when I left, there were two tubs left. Sorry!!! =)

Donna said...

That is amazing- you are teaching me!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

wow, annie you are getting so good at this savings thing! way to go. wish i lived there and could take advantage of some of these deals (especially as fast as we are flying through diapers and wipes!! yikes!)