Monday, June 16, 2008

Rent What?

Have you always wanted a pair of designer sunglasses but didn't have the celebrity paycheck to afford them? Well, guess what?! You, too, could rock a pair of designer shades at a fraction of the cost! Want to know how? You can rent them! That's right, I said rent.

This story completely FLOORED me.
I was cleaning my dining room and saw the story in Sunday's paper. People are actually renting designer sunglasses. Where do I begin with this one???

Ok, I mean #1. Have you never lost or sat on a pair of your sunglasses? And you want to rent a pair of designer shades? Really? I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I've dropped a pair of sunglasses into the lake, I'd be rich (ok, so rich is probably a strong word. I could buy a meal deal at Chick-fil-A).
#2. We're talking about renting sunglasses here. What if you scratch them or stretch them out? What if your two year old snatches them off and breaks one of the arms off? No kids, surely you know some.
#3. Are sunglasses really that important that you need to rent them? Are they that huge of a fashion statement? I mean, you could probably find a pair that look exactly like the designer shades for a fraction of the cost. It just won't have that gold "D" on the side. Can't you settle for an "E"?
#4. THEY'RE SUNGLASSES! Seriously?! People really rent them? One pair (that has a waiting list) rents for $25 a week or $55 a month. I'm not kidding.

I found the website that rents them and was shocked to see that they have a WAITING LIST for some of the pairs. A WAITING LIST TO RENT SUNGLASSES! Who would have thought that there would be a day where we would be put on a waiting list, not to get our kids into a pristine private school, but to rent that super cool pair of designer shades that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex in the City?
To check out the list of designer shades available for rent, check out

So I ask you, would you rent a pair of designer shades? Don't be afraid to say yes. I am not a fashion queen, so what do I know?


The Hairston's said...

Wow!! That is CRAZY!

Karen said...


LeAnne said...

annie...that is too funny!!!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

annie, you totally crack me up. you bring a smile to my face! miss ya,


Hillary Dunham said...

I still have the pair of sunglasses that I've had for 6 months (long time for me) and I keep one pair of $10 cheapos at all times! HA! Donna even left a pair in my car one time and I kept them!!! I loved those, but lost them shortly thereafter.
Too funny!

AngelGirl said...

uuummm.NO!!! the only sunglasses that i can keep up with cost me LESS than $10!!! if i happen to buy any that cost more than that...POOF! gone, broken, scratched beyond repair, etc. that same website rents purses also!! did you know that? i first saw it on Martha Stewart- and then the Sex in the City movie....crazy stuff!!! luv you!

Brandy said...

NO!I would not RENT sunglasses? Who does this???? They also have this program for handbags! It really just shows how far some people will go to maintain an "image". If you can't afford them then WHY act like you can!

holly said...

this is obviously for people who live in a different world than we do! That would be a world of no kids, and a world where everyone knows labels. Even the fashionista doesn't know the diff ebetween real and fake sunglasses. I stocked up when I was in NYC a few years ago, and still have my fake Chanels. Since I bought so many pair (I bought them for my co-workers, sisters, and sold them through my boutique), that I got them for $6 a pair...and they look real.