Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ok, can I just say that I'm not really an NBA fan? Honestly, I haven't watched a single game of the regular season. For some reason, though, I'm HOOKED on the finals...HOOKED! Channing has been watching, so I reluctantly started watching too. Now, I have to see the games! Tonight is game five of the series, and although I would like for the Celtics to ultimately win, I hope the Lakers win. I want the series to continue. I'm not ready for it to end just yet.
The last game was quite shocking. The Lakers had more than a 20 point lead at one point and allowed the Celics to come back and beat them! Can you believe it?! I know they had three players on Kobe at all times, but still! Lakers, seriously?! Tonight, you need to step it up. We want more games!


The Hairston's said...

We've been watching the finals too. We really don't care who wins but we've been pulling for the Lakers so far. The Celtics have been shining though.
It was great seeing you guys today! When we pulled into the parking lot, I really did think of you guys and look for your car. Next time, we will have to plan to go together!

M.S. said...

That is so funny! I actually told Jason that I hoped the Celtics win tonight because I was ready for it to end. Normally, I don't care if it is on, but we have been staying up sooo late watching it and I can barely hold my eyes open. I should jsut go to bed without my husband, but I CAN'T. It is so annoying, but I can't go to sleep without him. Weird. So, right now we are changing the channel between Nba Finals, ESPNEWS, and the movie RV with Robin Williams. Strange combo.

Donna said...

Okay- this is the first year I've watched this stuff too. Last night after the Celtics won I was so disappointed (even though we cheered for them)- not ONE player thanked God or his team-mates and there was a lot of "I told ya'll" and "that's right" being shouted. I am all for taking glory in your victory- but show a little, tiny bit of humility and class in the midst of your "in your face" moment.

annieck said...

Donna, I TOTALLY agree. I was disappointed to see and hear their reaction to their win. Garnett was the only player who even appeared to acknowledge God. I was less than impressed with the MVP's acceptance speech. Glad to know I wasn't the only one! Humility was only found in the Lakers last night, as they walked to each of the Celtics and congratulated them. Way to go, Lakers!