Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Pretty Official

Today, Asher finally realized that walking just may be better than crawling after all. He's been taking steps all month, but today he stepped it up a notch (pun intended). He has been walking all over the office and showing off for the patients. He is SO proud of himself.
My baby is growing up!

Oh, and yes, that is a mohawk on top of his head. It's his little curl mohawk that occurs naturally. I guess he's just naturally a cool kid. ;) My little rock star.


Brandy said...

TOO CUTE! AB has been taking 3-4 steps at a time now for almost two months,she just really likes crawling I guess!

Ole Miss Mom said...

Yay Asher!! And...I love the mohawk!!! :-)

The Hairston's said...

BIG BOY!! Way to go, Asher!!

LeAnne said...

YAY ASHER!! He is such a cutie!!