Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Didn't Take Long

Asher has learned to defend himself...on a regular basis. You may have guessed that Asher is protecting himself from his big brother. If so, you are right. He actually started this a couple of months back but has become much more aggressive over the past couple of days. Since yesterday, Asher has left bite marks on Tristan's back, ear, nose, and a full set on his cheek. The one on his cheek looks like a lipstick kiss that needs to be wiped off. My poor Tristan looks like he's been in a fight or something. I guess, to some degree, he has. The thing is, three of four of his bites came when Tristan was doing nothing more than trying to cuddle his baby brother. Problem is that Asher, much like our dog Flipper, has been so abused by Tristan that he reacts first and questions later. Tristan gets in his face, and the fangs (literally) come out. It usually happens when I'm out of the room. I hear a long, loud, curdling scream, and I run into the room to see Asher with a "What?" look on his face...like he has no idea what his brother is screaming about. I then have to discipline Asher (who then gets his chance to cry), and I have to remind Tristan why Asher bites him. It makes for a fun 10 minutes (every other hour!).

Watch out, Lindsay! My "scarlet B" is coming!


The Hairston's said...

Oh, the brotherly love! We've been through those days too! I guess that is all the little ones know to do to defend themselves at first. Just wait until Asher's moving around good and they start chasing after each other. It seems like it never ends after that! I have to seperate S&E many times during the day.
It is amazing how they can pinch, bite, push, hit each other and still be the best of friends and love each other unconditionally!