Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Traditions...The Countdown to Christmas

DAY 2~Only 23 more days until Christmas!

Today is day two of my posts sharing our family's Christmas traditions. My goal is to post one of our traditions each day leading up to Christmas.

One of our family's most favorite annual traditions is to ride around looking at Christmas lights and decorations. It is something that all four of us absolutely love doing! This year, we began two nights after Thanksgiving. We rode to Enterprise, AL to see some houses that go all out. It's AMAZING! They had the Alabama score on one of the houses mere minutes after the game.

With gas prices being so low, this year, we can thoroughly enjoy our nightly rides with no guilt! YEA!

Here are a few shots of some of our family favorites from last year:Stay tuned each day for more Christmas traditions. Feel free to share some of your own. Together, let's spread the Christmas cheer. Just say "NO!" to those who say "Bahumbug!". It's Christmas! The day, the season, we celebrate the birth of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. To me, there is no better time of year!

Merry Christmas all!


Eve said...

Looking at lights is one of our favorite traditions, too. It's a good way to distract kids who don't want to be in the car, too!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

I have always loved doing this as well but the boys aren't quite into it yet. I always say I'm going to make up nice little cards to put in peoples mailboxes who really have great decorations as a little sign of thanks and appreciation because it just makes my night when you turn down a street and you see an amazing house all decked out! I do give a little toot-toot to the best houses!

annieck said...

That's awesome, Michelle! I LOVE that idea! THanks for sharing because I may definitely have to borrow that one. :):):)

Anonymous said...

ok, if holly reads this post, i'm sure she knows i'm going to rat her out, but i can't resist! when we were little, we used to count christmas lights on the way home and see who could find the most decorated houses. we had to make rules like "wreaths count, but plants on the porch don't"!! i know....anyway, when we would get home, mom would ask us to reveal how many houses we counted. heidi always had to go first, since she was oldest, then holly, then me. well, ALWAYS if heidi said 30, holly said 32, or if heidi said 54, holly said 55. she always just barely beat her. i was never even in the runnings!! well, when we were much older, holly finally admitted to lying and adding a couple more to her total after heidi said how many she counted! heidi and i freaked out and screamed "WE KNEW IT!!" so, to this day, when we think holly's lying about something, we call her "Christmas lights"!! ;)

annieck said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! :):):)
Love the game idea. :)