Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Traditions...The Countdown to Christmas

Only 9 more days until Christmas!

Can you believe it?! Only 9 more days??? Where in the world has the time gone??? Anyway, I'm back to share another of our family's Christmas traditions.

Today I'm going to share two new traditions that we started this year. The first, and one that makes me smile, is Christmas sheets. Both the boys now have soft, cozy, warm flannel Christmas sheets. Both the boys and I love them. I'm not sure who enjoys them more. If I had to guess, I would probably say me.
We got the sheets as a gift, a most generous gift, and they are something I know we'll treasure for years to come. Whenever Asher sees them, he says, "Ho ho!"

Here are Asher's sweet sheets:
And Tristan's:Another new Christmas tradition is Christmas pancakes. This was my first time attempting them. I hadn't planned it, but when Channing was getting my skillet out of the cabinet, my Christmas cookie cutters fell out with it (Karen, you know me and my disorganization). That's when I thought, "Hmmmm...Tristan would love this." And he did.
So there you have it. These are two of my brand new Christmas traditions. What about you? Have you started any new traditions this year?


LeAnne said...

i adore those sheets...soooo sweet!! what a great idea with the Christmas pancakes...you're such a good momma!!

Pregnancy said...

Wow! what a nice bed. It was a great thing for your sons. Congrats!

Karen said...

Okay, when I read that about the cookie cutters falling out of the cabinet...I laughed out loud. You are too funny, Annie! That is a great idea! You are very creative :) By the way, those sheets are adorable!! I my have to steal that idea for next Christmas...where do you find the Christmas crib sheets?

annieck said...

Ha! I thought you would like that, Karen! :):):) You know me. Stuff everywhere!
The sheets came from Pottery Barn Kids. I would LOVE to have the comforters for Tristan's room, but they're SO expensive. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for after Christmas sales. :):):)